Chicken Feet Skin Blanching and Peeling Machine|Bird Paws Peeler

Material: chicken feet/paw/claw,duck feet,goose feet,bird feet

Capacity: 100-1000kg/h

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


This machine is made of stainless steel,which is mainly used for chicken feet / duck paws yellow skin removed, can work continuously, high efficiency.

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This chicken feet processing machine is made of stainless steel, mainly used for chicken feet|duck paws|goose feet|bird feet yellow skin removed, can work continuously, high efficiency. GELGOOG also offer the complete set of Chicken Feet Peeling Line.
chicken feet peeling line
chicken feet blanching machineChicken paw soaked (blanching) machine:

The equipment for chicken feet before peeling hot work, heating method is divided into steam heating or electric heating in two ways. Pneumatic water cycle, power 2.95kw, voltage 380V, suitable for meat processing plants, poultry slaughter plants.

chicken feet skin peeking machineChicken feet skin peeling Machine:

This device can be chicken feet and chicken nails off very clean, and chicken feet will not have any damage. In addition, according to customer demand for large-scale chicken feet peeling production line equipment. Is currently the most advanced chicken feet peeling equipment.
Item Parameter
Belt Type Blanching Machine
 (Electric Heating Type)
Power: 120kw,  380V-3     
Weight: 500KG
Chicken Feet Peeler Machine Power:2.2kw   380v-3
Conveyor Power: 0.75kw380V
Weight: 150kg
Dimension: 1500*670*1300mm
Capacity: 1000kg/h

  • Automatic Chicken Feet Peeling Processing Line|Duck Paws Processing MachineAutomatic Chicken Feet Peeling Processing Line|Duck Paws Processing Machine
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