Semi-automatic Potato Cassava Chips Production Line|Mini Plant For Potato Crisps

Material: potato,cassava,taro,sweet potato,etc

Capacity: 100-500kg/h,can be customized

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The total set of potato cassava chips machines consists of washing & peeling machine,cutting machine, rinsing machine,de-watering machine,continuous frying machine,drum flavoring machine and weighing packing machine.

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The total set of semi-automatic potato cassava chips machines consists of potato washing & peeling machine, chips cutting machine, rinsing machine(blanching machine), de-watering machine, potato chips frying machine, chips flavoring machine and chips packaging machine. GELGOOG offer potato chips machines with capacities from 100kg/h to 500kg/h, different capacities, different prices.
potato chips making machine price

Introduction of Potato Chips Making Machine:
GELGOOG customizes different machines for you as different capacities. This set of potato chips making machine can also be used to process taro chips, potato chips, sweet potato chips, banana chips etc.

Potato Chips Cutter : The potato chips cutting machine is new designed and developed, specially used to slice plantain into slice. The thickness of finished chips or slices is adjustable.

Potato Chips Fryer: Using the technology of the oil and water mixture, match with efficient burner, can be designed with gas and electric heating type.

Potato Chips Flavoring Machine: The chips flavoring machine is easy to operate, high yield, spices evenly, automatically out of material, made of stainless steel, can be any food seasoning, spices. Is currently the most advanced food seasoning equipment.


Main features of Semi automatic potato chips line:
♥ All contact materials and components are food grade to ensure food safety. Oil filtration system prolongs cooking oil life time which promotes better product shelf life. Consistency Oil enters the fryer kettle through strategically places inlets to ensure even temperature across the fryer. Potato chips fryer is automatically control to stabilize cooking oil temperature.
♥Cooking time is adjusted by controlling fryer’s conveyor speed. Engineering excellence Jas semi automatic potato chips line are made of high quality components and material to ensure endurance and high performance. Semi automatic potato chips line are designed to work around the clock with minimum downtime.
♥Semi automatic potato chips line are comes in various sizes and configurations to meet different product and capacity requirements. Easy maintenance The hood, conveyors and paddles can be lifted to allow easy access for cleaning/maintenance. For complete cleaning solution can be circulated through the entire system.
potato chips making machine for sale

GELGOOG also offer Fully Automtic Potato Chips Production Line
Machine Parameter
Washing Peeling Machine Power: 1.1kw/380v
Dimension: 1600*730*840mm
Weight: 220 kg
Potao slicer Power:0.75kw
De-watering Machine Power: 1.5kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3
Weight: 300KG
Size: 900*500*800mm
Capacity: 200KG/H
Chips Fryer Machine Power: 24kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3
Weight: 140KG
Size: 1400*700*950mm
Capacity: 100KG/H
Volume:about 200L
De-Oil Machine Power:1.1kw
Weight:360 kg
Flavoring machine Power:1.5Kw
Packaging Machine Packing Speed:30-60 Bags/min
Measure Range: 
Gross Weight: 480kg
Bag Size: L:50-320mm|W: 30-150mm
Thickness of Pack Film: 0.04-0.08mm

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