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Industrial Garlic Peeling Packaging Processing Solution

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The garlic processing solution is specially developed for processing garlic. Garlic is processed into fresh-keeping garlic through processes such as separating, peeling, washing, air-drying, and packaging. The materials in the entire process are processed in a closed environment to retain the original flavor of garlic.
garlic peeling processing line
Industrial garlic peeling line uses pneumatic principle to process broken garlic into garlic without any damage. The garlic cloves can be peeled without soaking in water, which is suitable for any variety of garlic. The production process: Garlic separating - garlic peeling - garlic washing and air-drying - garlic packaging. 
garlic peeling processing plant
Introduction of industrial garlic peeling production line
The garlic peeling packaging line consists of elevators, garlic clove separator, picking line, garlic peeling machine, garlic washing and air-drying machine and  garlic packaging line. The final pack can be equipped with vacuum packging machine, pouch packing machine, premade bag packing machine or bottle packing machine, etc. The garlic peeling line is the most advanced and ideal equipment for garlic processing in food factories. 
Features of automatic garlic peeling production line
☆ Equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic feeding device, the garlic kernel and garlic skin are automatically separated, and the product meets the hygienic standard.
☆ The garlic peeling machine is reasonably priced, and the peeling automation has been running. It is practical, energy-saving, small in size. The garlic peeling machine has high efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.
☆ The automatic garlic peeling machine is easy to operate and provides you with more convenience.

Customized garlic peeling processing solutions:
1. Clean and hygienic
All equipment in the garlic peeling packaging production line system is made of stainless steel (the part in contact with the material), which is easy to clean, clean and hygienic, and not easy to rust.
2. High output and small area
The garlic processing production line has a compact structure, a small floor space, large capacity, high work efficiency, and a significant increase in output.
3. Comprehensive nutrition retention
The garlic processing solution starts with garlic sperating, and the materials are processed in a closed environment. After splitting, peeling, washing, air-drying, packaging and other processes, the original flavor and nutrition of the raw materials are retained.

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Technical Data

No. Equipment Name
1 Elevators
2 Garlic Breaking Machine
3 Garlic Peeling Machine
4 Garlic Picking Line
5 Garlic Washing Machine
6 Garlic Drying Machine



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