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GELGOOG Tomato Processing - Prepared Food Processing Solutions

The traditional tomato purchase is easily affected by the relationship between supply and demand, the price of tomato fluctuates greatly, and the income of tomato farmers cannot be guaranteed. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C. Tomatoes can be used to make tomato juice, tomato sauce, tomato powder, tomato juice, tomato paste, ketchup etc. Tomato ketchup is also a kind of food with extremely rich nutritional value in life. Tomato sauce is no longer just a seasoning, but also a sign of large-scale production and branded production. All over the world, it is used incisively and vividly by people of all countries.
tomato products
Tomato diced, tomato paste, tomato juice... Tomatoes have various deep processing items and different processing techniques. In response to customers' demands and local research, GELGOOG provided a number of solutions including canned tomato production lines and tomato paste production lines. After repeated communication, the canned tomato production line was locked, and the project details and specific parameters were repeatedly polished, and detailed information such as plant area planning and technological process were provided. GELGOOG's tomato solution capabilities and one-stop professional services make customers very satisfied.
tomato processing solutions
Combining years of valuable experience in digital solutions for food technology, GELGOOG adopts advanced design concepts and process technology to tailor a 1.5-2 ton daily canned tomato production line solution for different customers, and provides the design of canned tomato processing equipment, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and a complete set of turnkey projects. All plans are controlled by automatic procedures, equipped with automatic lifting, blanching, cleaning, dicing, crushing, beating, sterilizing, filling and other equipment, and integrated with the central control system for intensive management to simultaneously improve product quality and production efficiency