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How is Tomato Paste Processed? Tomato Processing Solution

Tomato paste is nutritious and delicious, and it is also a very popular condiment. How is tomato paste processed?  Here we will show you the production process and operation points of making tomato paste. Tomatoes are generally processed into tomato paste or tomato juice. GELGOOG offers full set of tomato processing solutions. The tomato paste production line mainly includes five parts: Tomato cleaning and sorting system; crushing system; concentration system; sterilization system; aseptic filling system.
tomato paste processing line

Fresh tomatoes are cleaned, upgraded, sorted, crushed and beaten, concentrated and sterilized, and then aseptically filled to become the finished tomato sauce in barrels. The entire production line and related equipment are specially designed for tomato sauce in accordance with the principles of international high-quality standards.
tomato paste processing solution

Tomato Paste Processing Flow:

Fresh tomatoes → grading → cleaning  → blanching → pulping → heating and concentration → filling sealing → sterilization → cooling → finished product

1. Tomato grading: Choose fully mature, bright color, high dry matter content, thin skin, thick flesh, and few tomatoes as raw materials. Wash the fruit surface with water to clean the silt and dirt on the fruit surface.
2. Tomato cleaning: Firstly cut off the pedicles, green and rotten parts, and clean and blanch them. Pour the trimmed tomatoes into boiling water and blanch them for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the pulp to facilitate beating.
3. Tomato pulping: After blanching, pour the tomatoes into the beating machine to break the pulp to remove the skin seeds and seeds. The beating machine is preferably a double-pass beating machine. The diameter of the first sieve is 1.0 to 1.2 mm.
4. Heating and concentrating, put the juice in the jacketed pot, heating and concentrating, stop heating when the soluble solid content reaches 22%-24%, and pay attention to constant stirring during the concentrating process to prevent scorching.

5. Filling sealing: To fill tomato into bottles, cans, barrels, or sachets accordingly.
6. Sterilization. Sterilize in IOOC boiling water for 20-30 minutes, and then cool until the pot temperature reaches 35-40℃. The sauce body is reddish brown, uniform, and has a certain viscosity, sour taste and no peculiar smell. Soluble solids reach 22% to 24%.

tomato processing plant for sale
Advantages of Tomato Processing Solutions provided by GELGOOG Machine
* Advanced technology, high output and high profit.
* High-quality materials, a reasonable part of the market.
* On-site start-up and relevant personnel training.
* The quality of the finished product is excellent and the color is delicious.
* High productivity, flexible production, can be customized according to customer needs.
* Complete supervision system, equipped with a control room to monitor each processing stage.
* Daily output can be clearly shown.


The lycopene of tomato has the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It is an excellent antioxidant and can remove free radicals in the human body. The effect is twice that of β-carotene.
GELGOOG Machinery has formed a fine processing plan for the tomato paste production line. According to the investment status and production reality of the enterprise, the customer’s engineering project can be designed on a case-by-case basis and transferred to the customer in the true sense of the turnkey project.