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Industrial Broccoli Quick-freezing Machine Plant

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


The industrial broccoli quick-freezing machine is currently the most popular freezing equipment in the quick-freezing industry. It is mainly composed of chains of various specifications on both sides, and a connecting rod is installed in the middle to strengthen the overall load capacity of the conveyor belt.
The industrial IQF machine can be used to process high value-added products, such as processing of fish & shrimp, clams, seafood, meat, fruits like strawberry, blueberry, mango, and medicinal materials, etc.
broccoli freezing machine plant
The Processing Frozen Broccoli:
Washing- blanching - dewatering - air drying - freezing - packaging.
IQF tunnel freezer is a simple structure, highly efficient freezing equipment. There are stainless steel solid belt tunnel freezer and mesh belt tunnel freezer. It is effective in freezing seafood, poultry, vegetable, fruits, pastry, diary products, etc.


Main features of Broccoli Freezing Machine:
1. Simple structure, easy operation and long lasting.
2. Stainless steel insulation panel is filled with PU foam. All inside spare parts are SUS304. 
3. Adopt imported SS mesh belt. Strong and smooth.
4. Thermal wave blowing technology is adopted. Effective in freezing.
5. Single belt and double belt are available.
6. Water defrosting which ensure hygienic standard.
7. Stepless speed adjustment by inventer. Freezing time can be adjusted.
IQF freezing machine
The industrial broccoli freezing equipment is equipped with maintenance & cleaning gate to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of conveyor. It can be disigned as the vertical lifting open type, that's easier to maintain. The bottom of engine body is equipped with drainage outlet to drain water from the equipment. The whole equipment is long life, low consumable design, the easily-damaged parts can be replaced easily and rapidly with excellent maintainability.
The chain mesh belt of IQF freezing machine can effectively prevent the conveyor belt from deviating. According to the configured chain, the tension and conveying speed can be well controlled. It has been well used in food, pharmaceutical machinery and other mechanical products that require precision conveying.

Technical Data

Model Power Dimension Voltage
GGDS100 5KW 5300*2500*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS200 8.2KW 6700*2700*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS300 11.2KW 7900*3300*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS500 20KW 8200*4200*3200mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS1500 50KW 14200*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS2000 72KW 17700*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase



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