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Automatic Peanut Butter Production line Groundnut Paste Machinery

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100,200,300,500 Kg/h We also provide customized service
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This peanut butter production processing line is designed by reference of the foreign tech. It is consisted of feed elevator, continuous peanut roaster, conveyor, cooling machine, decorticating machine, sorting conveyor, peanut grinding machine, pump, storage slot, cooling machine, mixing machine, filling packaging machine etc. 
peanut butter production line

Automatic peanut butter production line is with advantages of high automation, easy-operating integrated control, stable performance, high product quality, etc. This is picture of peanut butter process flow chart: 
Hoist -- Baking machine -- Conveyor belt -- Cooling zone -- Half Cut machine -- Picking belt -- Hoist -- Storage Hopper -- Colloid Mill -- Cache Can -- Colloid Mill -- Cache Can -- Cooler -- Vacuum Degassing Tank -- Canning machine
Video of peanut butter processing solution:

No.1 Peanut Roaster Machine
This peanuts roaster machine using the new intelligent electronic digital temperature control means automatic temperature control, allowing the material to be baked evenly heated. Automatic landing capabilities, high degree of automation. Bake material enables automatic discharge and once was a net.
No.2 High Peeling Rate Peeling Machine
It used for peeling peanut red skin with dry model.Widely used for food industry, agriculture with superior quality. This machine has reasonable structure,work placidly and durable,high peeling rate,over 99%.
No.3 High Quality Peanut Butter Grinder
Peanut butter grinder machine is my company for peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts and other crops, also suitable for grinding fruits and vegetables.
No.4 Mixing Tank
This machine was mainly used for mixed flavor and other salt.
No.5 Storage Tank
Peanut Butter

GELGOOG Automatic peanut butter production line is the operation flow with high mechanization level, good reliability, all closed production and pollution-free. The high quality peanut butter production machine of gelgoog machinery can meet the international standards. We have our own factory, technical team, production team and sales team to provide you with high quality products and services.

Technical Data

Number Item Power(KW) Dimension(mm) Quantity Note
1 Roaster Machine 118 4700*2900*1650 1  
2 Conveyor Belt 0.75 5000*500*900 1  
3 Cooling Belt 8.1 10000*1200*1600 1 Minupressure
4 Peeling Machine 1.5 1000x1000x1400 1  
5 Peel and kernel Separator 3 1800x1000x1500 1  
6 Conveying Belt(selector) 0.75 6000*700*1000 1  
7 Elevator 0.75 1000*500*3400 1  
8 Storing and Feeding Machine 0.55 1100*1100*2400 1  
9 Grinding Machine 11x4 900*350*900 4 Stainless Steel
10 Table   2300x2000x600 1  
11 Storing Tank   500L 1  
12 Pump 1.5 1000*300*350 1  
13 Mixing Tank 4 800L 1 Interlayer Cooling
14 Vacuum Tank 6.2 800L 1 Include vacuum pump,Buffer Tank
15 Pump 2.2 1100*350*350 1  
16 Storing Tank 3 800L 1 With Mixing
17 Control Cabinet     2  
18 Pipeline        



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