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IQF Processing Line For Frozen Strawberry Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


IQF processing line for frozen strawberry is mostly used for different fruit freezing, fruits & vegetables freezing, meat freezing, seafood freezing and prepared food freezing.
The tunnel-type quick-freezing machine is a large-scale quick-freezing machine suitable for large-scale processing and production of the factory assembly line. It has strong quick-freezing ability, simple operation and high degree of automation.The freezing time and temperature can be adjusted.
IQF machine for strawberry
Strawberry tunnel freezing plant:
♥. Compressor refrigeration, no freon, green protection, odor, antibacterial, energy saving, low operating costs.
♥. Unique Tong efficiency ventilation device, the reasonable air distribution, uniform air distribution, make the material fully exposed to the strong cold wind, high freezing efficiency.
♥. Food transport network, transport speed can be flexible according to different products, suitable for a variety of frozen food processing.
♥. According to the production requirements can choose single, double net belt combination.
♥. The e belt shall be tightened and adjusted to ensure the smooth and long running of the food conveyor belt.
frozen strawberry tunnel freezer
Tunnel freezer for strawberry:
Mostly used for flour food freezing, fruits & vegetables freezing, meat freezing, seafood freezing and prepared food quick-freezing strip, cubic or grain food, such as shrimp, sliced fish, divided meat, pig tongue, chicken, asparagus and yam. It saves energy and is convenient in cleaning and maintenance.
The structure of tunnel freezer is simple and reliable. It is a line from products inlet to products outlet. Because of the limitation of its structure, the length of tunnel freezer is much longer than spiral freezer with the same output capacity.
GELGOOG also offer Strawberry Washing Machine

Technical Data

Model Power Dimension Voltage
GGDS100 5KW 5300*2500*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS200 8.2KW 6700*2700*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS300 11.2KW 7900*3300*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS500 20KW 8200*4200*3200mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS1500 50KW 14200*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS2000 72KW 17700*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase



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