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Technical Services

Based on technological innovation, helping customers upgrade their industries

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Technical service for the entire production process.

  • In order to keep our equipment in a good technical state during installation, commissioning and operation, GELGOOG provides our customers with various organization and technical measures. Providing good technical services is an important part of GELGOOG's industrial management, which is conducive to improving the economic benefits of customers, as well as improving the quality and product structure of its own products, and creating greater value for customers.

Information Services

The GELGOOG engineer team establishes long-term and stable contacts with representative users, obtains users' various opinions and requirements on the product in a timely manner, and guides users in the correct use and maintenance of the product. We engage customers in product development and upgrade plans, and provide constructive opinions from the user's perspective.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are generally divided into two categories: regular and irregular. Regular technical maintenance is the service work carried out in accordance with the maintenance category specified in the product maintenance plan and service items. Unplanned maintenance refers to the maintenance services that need to be provided due to accidents during the transportation and use of the product, and it also includes parts and components services.

OEM service

Key account (KA) customers generally have their own equipment engineering departments and engineers whether, who often develop and design corresponding equipment according to their project needs; GELGOOG owns more than 50 people from food processing, mechanical design, and electrical automation. A team of engineers in the fields of materials and structure etc, together with customers’ engineers, help to realize product implementation and mass production applications.