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Chili Powder Production Line Dried Chili Processing Solution

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The chili powder production line includes the processes of chili washing cleaning, removing impurities, removing seeds, drying, crushing, granulating, and quantitative packaging of the final powder. GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of the complete set of dried chili powder processing solutions, which can provide customized chili processing solutions.
chili powder production line

This set of dried chili production line is with advanced technology and has been successfully applied to the powder production line, chili drying production line, and pepper pigment extraction pre-production line.

The process of dried chili powder:
    1. Chili washing: Chili washing machine is designed with stainless steel, super welding technology, special design process, all reflect the external beauty and internal practicality. Ozone sterilization and high-pressure spray can be added according to user requirements.
    2. Impurity removal: The impurity removal equipment removes sand, stones, grass blades and various impurities mixed in the pepper under the action of wind, and can be directly cleaned. The operation is simple and the output is high, which greatly improves the production efficiency. It can process more than 1,000 kilograms per hour.
   3. Seed removal: The seed removal equipment uses the principle of the specific gravity of pepper pulp and pepper seeds. The pepper seed removal machine is mainly used to separate the pepper pulp and pepper seeds. Equipment for deep processing of pepper.
   4. Chili drying: The chili drying equipment is a kind of heat pump drying, which can use a vibrating fluidized bed dryer or a multi-layer mesh belt dryer to dry the fresh peppers (whole strips) or flakes to facilitate the subsequent processes.
chili drying equipment price
   5. Crushing: The crushing equipment adopts a counter-roll pepper grinder, a double drum grinder, and an ultra-fine grinder to make the pepper into 60 mesh fine powder, with high output, low power consumption, clean and sanitary.
  6.  Chili powder grinding machine: Adopt ring film granulator system, continuous operation and automatic unloading.
chili powder grinder machine

  7. Chili powder packaging: Man-machine interface, simple operation, automatic screw feeding, good packaging and sealing effect.

In addition to the above supporting equipment, GLEGOOG Machinery can also be equipped with an automatic feeder. The entire chili powder production line adopts PLC control, which not only reduces manpower, but also keeps the materials clean and hygienic. If you are interested in automatic chili powder production equipment, please contact us for more details.

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Chili Powder Production Line
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