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Industrial Cashew Nuts Roasting Equipment

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The industrial cashew roasting machine is mainly composed of a conveying system and a roasting furnace. The conveying system is composed of a conveyor belt made of steel chain plates, which evenly conveys nuts and achieves a high-quality roasting effect.
roasting machine for cashew nuts

Working principle of cashew roasting equipment:
The cashew roasting equipment is driven by the motor chain to move the nuts lying flat on the mesh belt; the roasting part uses hot air to pass through the material layer to exchange heat with the material to achieve high-quality roasting; the cooling part uses cold air to pass through the material layer and the material for heat energy Exchange to achieve rapid cooling of nuts.

Advantages of cashew roasting equipment
1. The chain conveyor moves back and forth in the baking room to make the heating more uniform and thorough.
2. When roasting, water vapor flows out from the damp vent, so as to achieve the purpose of drying or baking.
3. The roasting time is generally 20-30 minutes, and the time can be adjusted according to different materials.
4. The chain conveyor belt is made of heat-resistant steel material, and the baking room is also made of high-temperature resistant material.
cashew roasting machine for sale

⭐ The hopper on the front section of the cashew roasting equipment has a gate to control the thickness of the material layer. Different material permeability characteristics can ensure the uniform penetration of hot air by selecting the appropriate material layer thickness.
⭐ The heating device and the thermal circulation device make uniform circulating hot air in the oven. The hot air penetrates the material upward from the lower part of the mesh belt. The temperature controller can realize automatic temperature control. The temperature control instrument is a self-learning PID control algorithm, the longer the use time, the faster and more stable the temperature control.
nut roasting cooling machine price

GELGOOG industrial cashew roasting equipment is an energy-saving roasting machine developed by comparing similar products at home and abroad and integrating the advantages of each continuous roasting machine. It has the advantages of energy saving and safety, sanitation and convenience, fast temperature rise, stable performance, good heat preservation, low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

Technical Data

Model GGP-300 GGPR-500 GGPR-1000
Power 10KW 10kw 15kw
Heating power 70kw 115kw 230kw
Thickness of material 50-60mm 50-60mm 50-60mm
Capacity   300-400kg/h 500kg/h 1000kg/h



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