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GELGOOG Garlic Sauce Paste Production Solution

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  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Garlic sauce is a common sauce dish. How to make garlic sauce industrially? GELGOOG provides automatic garlic sauce production line and other garlic processing solutions, which can make different flavors of garlic sauce.
garlic sauce production line

The garlic paste processing production line can process dried garlic into garlic paste, which not only maintains the original nutrients and pharmacological effects of garlic, but also eliminates the peculiar smell of garlic, increases the unique garlic paste fragrance, and prolongs the shelf life.

Garlic sauce production process:
garlic sauce production line
Main machines of garlic sauce production line:
☆ Garlic clove breaking machine: In line with food processing standards, the roller gap can be adjusted, suitable for garlic of various sizes, simple operation
☆ Garlic peeling machine: effectively remove garlic and garlic peel, saving time and effort, low crushing rate, sanitary and pollution-free, low failure rate and high production efficiency
☆ Bubble type garlic cleaning machine: made of stainless steel, durable, raw materials will not be damaged, labor saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment performance
☆Air dryer: The air dryer effectively removes the moisture on the surface of the material, and the air drying effect is good, which shortens the later work and improves the automation of the production line
Garlic sauce grinder: Compact structure, simple operation, stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning, easy maintenance of equipment
☆ Garlic sauce filling machine: Quantitative filling, precise and reliable, one-button operation, uniform material filling, stable electrical components


GELGOOG "garlic processing solution" provides all the necessary equipment at one time, including garlic peeling, garlic washing, garlic grinding, garlic packing,  as well as a full range of garlic production planning services. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. GELGOOG is your garlic processing production plan and  recipe consultant.


Technical Data

No Name Quantity
A:Garlic Paste Making Part
1 Lifting machine  1 set
2 Garlic breaking machine 1 set
3 Lifting machine 1 set
4 Garlic peeling machine 1 set
5 Selecting Line 1 set
6 Garlic washing machine 1 set
7 Garlic paste grinding machine 1 set
8 Storage tank 1 set
B:Garlic Sauce Mixing Part
9 Oil Tank 1 set
10 Screw Pump 2 sets
11 Emulsifying and Mixing machine  2 sets
12 Rotor pump  1 set
13 Rotor pump  1 set
C:Garlic Sauce Filling Part
14 Garlic paste filling machine  1 set
15 Jar capping machine 1 set
16 Labeling machine  1 set
D:Jar Sterilization Part
17 Sterilization Machine  1 set
18 Steam Generator   1 set
19 Sterilization Machine  1 set



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