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Frozen Sweet Corn IQF Processing Machine Plant

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


GELGOOG Machinery offers frozen sweet corn processing machine from start to finish, with capacity range from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h. The frozen corn production line can produce various corn products such as corn salad, corn snacks, corn fried products, etc.

The main equipments consists of corn thresher, blanching machine, corn washing machine, dewatering machine and air drying machine, quick freezing machine, and packaging machine (optional).

frozen sweet corn processing machine

Production process of frozen sweet corn processing
Fresh corn → corn peeling → threshing → cleaning → picking → blanching → air cooling → vibration dewatering → lifting and conveying → IQF quick freezing → packaging (optional).
Ingredients: Fresh corn on the cob
Product: Quick-frozen fresh corn kernels (or other customized)
Raw material standard: The best harvest period of sweet corn is the milk maturity period, which is about 20 days after pollination. Harvesting criteria: corn leaves are dark green in color, encapsulated leaves are bluish-green, filaments withered into dark brown, full grains, yellow or light yellow in color, uniform in color, uniform in size, neatly arranged, without variegated grains, bald tips, missing grains and The endosperm is sticky and milky. Operation requirements: harvest with bracts, operate carefully, enjoy and take care of, avoid sunlight, heavy pressure, and collision.
industrial frozen corn processing line
Features of Frozen Corn Kernel Production Line:
1.The fresh corn freeze process line is equipped with whole complete machine from thresh to pack corn.
2. The whole frozen corn production process is automatic conveying processing. High degree of automation, reducing labor cost.
3. The corn after frozen processing are of good quality, no impurities, good color, good appearance, clear size and specifications.
4: Machine made with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel.
5: Corn kernels have high quick-freezing efficiency and high-quality frozen corn kernels.
6: The frozen machine is easy to clean, simple to operate, and low energy consumption.

GELGOOG Machinery also offer IQF Freezer

Technical Data

100kg/h Quick-Frozen Corn Kernels Production Line
Machine name  Model  Machine Size  Power
Corn Sheller  GGRL-268 630*620*1250mm 1.5KW
Washing Machine  GGXQ2500 2500x1100x900mm Motor 0.75kw 
fan 2.2kw
Picking Belt GGDS3500A 3500x700x900mm Motor 0.37kw
Blanching Machine GGPLD3500 3700*1400*1600mm Power: 0.75kw
heating power: 100kw
Cooling Machine GGFZ6000 6100*1200*1500mm 9kw
Vibration Drain GGZTD1800 1800x1200x850mm 0.5kw
Vibrating cloth machine GGZTD1800 1800x1200x1400mm 0.5kw
IQF Quick Freezer GGIQF-100 5500x3400x2900mm 20kw



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