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Industrial Peanut Burger Groundnut Coating Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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This industrial penut burger machine is a special equipment used for processing coated peanuts, coated almonds, coated cashew nuts, coated tablets or pills, wasabi peas, etc. Peanut burger machine is also called as sugar coating pan, which is used widely in snack food processing industry. 
peanut burger machine for sale
Introduction of peanut burger machine:
☆This peanut burger machine is equipped with stemless speed regulating device, and it buys motor through the triangle belt driving worm wheel, worm, driving sugar coating pan rotating, driving under the influence of the centrifugal force, make the material rolling friction in the pot, achieve coated with sugar mixture, and making pill, and polishing effect. 
☆The peanut coating machine can produce skin peanuts, Korea bean, chocolate peanuts, beans, mouthful of fragrant etc. 
☆ The surface of the final coated peanut is smooth and meets the export processing standard. Our factory provides free debugging, training of technical personnel, lifetime maintenance. 
peanut coating machine for sale
Working principle of peanut burger machine:
The equipment is composed of rolling pot, machine frame, transmitting system and heating system. The shape of the machine is more suitable for coating of non-circular material or high viscosity material. The cooperation of motor and reducer will reduce the processing speed to easy operation state. The heating system is composed of direct heating and hot air heating.
Features of peanut burger machine:
1. The machine is made of stainless steel.
2. Mainly used for flour, sugar, chocolate, nuts, beans, seeds, etc.
3. Simple operation, reliable performance, easy cleaning and maintenance, high thermal efficiency.
4. There is a fan inside the machine that blows hot air to dry the wrapped peanuts without sticking to each other.
5. The peanut burger machine is widely used for making coated peanuts, etc, and can be used in Coated Peanut Processing Line

Technical Data

Model GGY800 GGY1000 GGY1250
Pan diameter
800 1000 1250
30-50 50-70 80-150
36 32 28
1.1 1.1 3
Blower Power
1.1 1.1 3
Power of electric heating
2 2 3
1000*800*1430 1100*1000*1560 1230*1200*1820
Weight(kg) 205 220 350



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