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Industrial Chili Drying Pepper Dehydrator Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Industrial chili drying dehydrator machine is designed to process dried fruit or vegetables, with the features of high drying quality, low drying cost, short drying time and customized drying capacity. Fresh chili is with high water content and are extremely perishable. Chili drying is an effective way to regulate supply and demand, digest seasonal surplus, and reduce postpartum rot loss.
chili dehydrator machine
Characteristics of chili drying dehydrator machine:
♥ Diversified heating forms: Electric heating, steam heating, coal-fired heating, heat conduction oil heating, hot water heating, etc.
♥The circulating air volume in the oven is large, and the high-temperature and high-humidity-resistant axial flow fan with large air volume can be reversed. The internal circulating air volume of the oven is large and the wind speed is reasonable, and the drying is fast.
♥The unique setting of the air deflector and the cyclone setting can make the air volume and temperature in the oven uniform, and the materials inside the oven are dried evenly under the synergistic effect of the forward and reverse rotation of the fan.
♥According to the nature of the material, we can provide two kinds of ordinary electric control cabinet and intelligent electric control cabinet.
♥ According to the different ways of discharging tide, we have two forms: intelligent discharging and manual discharging.
industrial chili dryer oven

The drying process of industrial chili dryer:
The chili drying equipment adopts low-temperature drying and high-strength circulating air for constant temperature and humidity drying. The drying process is set in a microcomputer, which is highly intelligent and does not require special care.
The drying effect is full of shape and the nutrients are not damaged. No harmful substances are produced during the drying process, and no smoke or open flames are produced during the drying process.


Applicable materials of industrial chili drying dehydrator: Fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves, rhizomes, food, meat products, seafood, mushrooms, agricultural roducts, medicinal materials, paper tubes, etc. The industrial chili drying machine has a good effect in the drying process of thousands of materials. GELGOOG machinery offers customized fruit vegetable drying solutions.

Technical Data

Model HX1-1 HX2-2 HX2-4 HX3-6 HX4-8
Qty of dryer 1 2 4 6 8
Qty of drying tray 24 48 96 144 192
Circulating fan 1 1 2 3 4
hydrofuge fan 1 1 1 1 2
Power 12 18 30 48 60
Dimension(meters) 1.6x1.2x2.35 2.5x1.2x2.35 2.5x2.2x2.35 3.5x2.2x2.35 4.8x2.2x2.35
Net weight( 470 760 1000 1650 2000
Packing dimension(meters) 1.72x1.36x2.26 2.63x1.36x2.26 2.63x2.26x2.26 3.63x2.26x2.26 4.93x2.26x2.26
Packing weight 520 830 1100 1800 2150
Capacity(kg) 72 144 288 432 576



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