GG-CJX5000 Automatic Spring Rolls Processing Line Machine

Material: spring roll wrapper,stuffings

Capacity: 3000-5000pcs/h, can be customized

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GG-CJX5000 automatic spring rolls production line are newly developed by our factory. It is equipped with special folding & rolling device, to produce spring roll like handmade.

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GG-CJX5000 automatic spring roll production line are newly developed by our factory. It is equipped with special folding & rolling device, to produce spring roll like handmade. And it provides high production capacity and adapts to your needs.
spring roll production line
In order to meet food hygiene requirements, the auomatic spring roll production line uses a detachable structure made of stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned, sterilized and disinfected.
Features of spring roll making machine:
1. Heating the paste and producing the spring roll pastry.
2. Finished spring pastry will be droped on the conveyor automatically.
3. Conveyer belt convey the baked spring roll pastry under the mouth of the stuffing feeding machine, the stuffing feeding machine will drop the quantitative stuffing on the pastry evenly.
4. The pastry with the stuffing will be fold together while the conveyor transport them under the mechanical arm.
5. Rolling the spring roll while the folded spring roll pass the rolling conveyor, then it will be finished and be transported out.
automatic spring roll production line
Advantages of GELGOOG Spring Roll Making Machine:
The automatic spring roll machine is made of stainless steel, it can do automatic production from the wrapper/skin forming to the stuffing the spring roll. There are electricity or gas two kinds heating types.
♥The frame of the complete equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic.
♥ The mixer and slurry tank are made of 2.0 mm thick stainless steel plates, which are strong and durable.
♥ The mold of the equipment is made of 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance.
automatic spring roll making machine

Automatic spring roll production line is a new product newly developed by our company. It adopts numerical control technology to accurately control the weight of spring roll filling during work. It can store menu programs with many different parameters. It is simple and convenient to convert process parameters and can adapt to various different recipes of fillings. GELGOOG can offer customized spring roll processing solutions for making frozne spring rolls, fried spring rolls, etc.
Video of making spring rolls: 

The spring roll automatic machine is consisting of a spring roll skin machine, a longitudinal and transverse cutting mechanism and a conveyor belt have been operating normally in multiple manufacturers, which can save 50% of labor costs and reduce raw material consumption by more than 5%. Finished spring roll will be transported to the cooling conveyer belt and become cooled. After that you can pack them and put them into the refrigeration or frying them before putting them into the refrigeration.
GG-CJX5000 Spring Roll Production Line
Name Dimensiton(mm) Power(KW) No.
Spring Roll Wapper Part 2200*2000*2200 59 1
Stuffing Part 700*600*1000 0.4 1
Spring Roll Folding Part 1700*500*1360 0.4 1
Spring Roll Forming Part 4030*500*1100 0.4 1
Batter Mixer 1300*600*900 1.1 1
Batter Tank 800*300*320 / 1
Batter Pump - 0.55 2
Total Power 62kw
Capacity 3000-5000pcs/h

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