Automatic Tomato Paste Ketchup Production Line Factory Price

Material: tomato

Capacity: 100-5000kg/h

Loading Port: Qingdao port


This tomato paste production line not only can produce tomato sauce,but also can be used to produce other fruit jam like chili sauce, apple sauce,blueberry sauce,etc.With the capacity range from 100kg/h to 5000kg/h.

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This tomato paste production line made by GELGOOG Machinery is with the advantages of high output, advanced product design technology, stability and reliability. Then use this tomato paste making machine line can improve the quality of the product, reduce the production cost, and greatly increase the economic benefits. 
tomato paste making machine
The automatic tomato paste production line provided by GELGOOG Machinery is mainly fresh and mature tomatoes that are washed, lifted, sorted, crushed and beaten, concentrated and sterilized, and then filled into aseptic ketchup products after aseptic filling.
Main Feature of automatic tomato ketchup making machine:
1. Simple operation ,low noise and long service life.
2. The machine uses food grade stainless steel parts and materials,easy to clean.
3. Can meet different needs of customers different capacity, has the advantage of output,  high efficiency and energy saving, safe and healthy without pollution.
4. This tomato paste production machine with national standards, safe and reliable.
The production process of making tomato sauce:
Fresh tomato - Tomato washing - Sorting -  Impurity removing - Breaking - Tomato pulping -  Vacuum concentration - Paste sterilization - Filling.
Ketchup is a condiment. Sweet and delicious and loved by many people, It is a must for many restaurants. But how to make tomato sauce, as a designer of professional food processing production, we have a whole set of tomato sauce making machine production line suitable for you.

Tomato Paste Production Line Main Machine  Main Parameters
Hoist Hoist power: 0.75kw
Size: 2000 * 800 * 1600mm
Bubble type tomato washing machne Powder:4.45KW / 380V / 50Hz
Size: 2500x1200x1300mm
Impurity removal machine Size: 3000 * 1000 * 1400
Power: 5.2KW
Broken screw pump  capacity: 0.5-1 ton / hour;
Power: 1.5KW;
Dimensions: 1500 × 500 × 500mm;
Enzyme inactivation equipment  capacity: 1T / H
Size: 1220 × 615 × 1250mm
Pulp machine capacity: 1-2.5 tons / hour
Power: 380V, 50Hz, 4Kw;
Temporary storage tank storage tank: 500L;
Exit: φ25.4mm clamp quick-install interface;
Tank body: φ500 × 800 × δ = 2mm;
Discharging height: 200mm, φ25.4mm quick-install interface;
Dimensions: 500 × 1200mm;
 power: 1.5KW
Heating power: 24KW
If the burner is configured: 10W Kcal
Dimensions: 1100 * 980 * 1600
Body size: 800 * 550
Filling machine
1200 * 350 * 350
Voltage 200-250V
Frequency 50 or 60HZ

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