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Commercial Frozen Clams Scallops Processing Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Commercial frozen clam processing machine including clams washing machine and clam freezing machine. The machines are designed with simple structure, convenient operation and long service life.

frozen clam processing machine

Main features of frozen clams processing machine:
1. Compressed by imported equipment and stainless steel spring wire, the surface is flat, and the width of the mesh belt can be selected according to requirements.
2. Adopt heat wave blowing method, high freezing efficiency.
3. Single and double mesh belt combinations can be selected according to the output requirements.
4.The imported frequency converter realizes stepless speed regulation, and the freezing time of frozen products can be adjusted continuously according to needs, which can be adapted to the processing of various frozen products.
Clams washing machine is a kind of brush type cleaning machine, and the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, without rust and corrosion.
cleam washing machine price
Product advantages of clam freezing machine
♥Precise design and manufacture: The use of computer optimized design and refined process manufacturing creates a sophisticated new monomer quick freezing device.
♥The quality of frozen products is excellent: reasonable air convection is adopted, the frozen products do not agglomerate, the freezing speed is fast, and the quality of frozen products is excellent, which fully meets IQF standards.
♥High degree of hygiene: adopting today's advanced design concepts, specially equipped with flexible high-temperature sterilization and cleaning devices, the internal structure is simple, cleaning and maintenance are very convenient, and it meets the HACCP food management requirements.
♥ High refrigeration efficiency: use mechanical expansion tube, variable sheet distance, high-conductivity material evaporator; supporting quick-freezing installation fan, air flow organization adopts computer simulation design to be more uniform and reasonable, cooling effect is better, and energy saving.
♥High quick-freezing efficiency: adopts the air cooler with variable sheet pitch and in-line structure, which has low frost collection rate and increases effective quick-freezing time.
freezing machine for cleams
The frozen clams processing machine is with wide range of fruits and vegetables like corn, mango, berries, fish, shrimp and other foods etc The machine is easy to install and use: Mechatronics equipment can be directly installed on the indoor cement floor, fast installation, simple and convenient operation, and the small machine can be shipped from the factory, which is more convenient and quick.


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