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Moringa Leaf Powder Production Line Moringa Drying Solution

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Moringa leaves are rich in various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. Moringa leaf dry powder contains 270% of vitamin A, 42% of protein, 125% of calcium, 70% of iron and 22% of vitamin C that children need daily. As a vegetable and food, it has the function of enhancing nutrition and dietary health. It is widely used in medicine, health care, etc.
How to make moringa powder from moringa leaves? We GELGOOG Machinery provides a complete set of moringa powder processing line, including Moringa washing, drying, milling, packaging, etc.
moringa leaf powder production line

Moringa powder manufacturing process:
Moringa leaf washing machine——Moringa leaf dewatering machine-air drying cooling machine——moringa leaf drying machine——Moringa Powder Grinding Machine——Moringa powder lifting machine——Moringa Powder filling machine
The production process of moringa leaf powder:
1. Moringa leaf washing machine:
In the high-pressure spray bubble cleaning machine, Moringa oleifera leaves in the water through the tossing effect produced by the bubble in the release process, and irregular turning motion occurs, and the surface attachment is effectively separated through the movement of the material, and the surface is disinfected at the same time. This cleaning method can effectively avoid damage to materials such as bumps, scratches, etc. during the cleaning process, and improve work efficiency


2. Moring leaf drying machine:
GELGOOG machinery offers the Heat Pump Drying Equipment for processing dried moringa. There are many ways to dry Moringa leaves. Studies have shown that heat pump drying has the least effect on the appearance and quality of Moringa leaves, maintains the best content of fat and polysaccharides in Moringa leaves, and has a significant impact on other nutrients. Therefore, heat pump drying method is the most suitable drying method for Moringa oleifera leaves.
moringa leaf drying machine
3. Moringa powder grinding machine: Moringa leaf crushing equipment. The powder grinding machine includes a pulverizer, an airflow classifier, a cyclone duster and a high-pressure induced draft fan, which are connected in turn through a pipeline. The upper part of the high-pressure induced draft fan is also connected with a muffler. The lower part of the duster is equipped with a discharge port. The equipment has a reasonable structure, convenient application and easy operation.
4. Powder packaging machine: We can provide different powder packaging equipment according to requirements, including vertical packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, powder packaging machine to pack powder into filter bags, etc.
Moringa leaf processing equipment can process different products such as dried Moringa leaves, Moringa powder, Moringa seed oil, etc. We can customize solutions according to your needs. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Technical Data

No. Name
1 Moringa leave washing Machine
2 Moringa leave drying Machine
3 Powder grinding machine
4 Powder packaging machine
5 Some conveyors



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