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Industrial Baking Tunnel Oven For Bakery Biscuit & Cake

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The industrial baking tunnel oven developed by GELGOOG Machinery is energy-saving and labor saving product, which can be used for baking biscuit, cake, bread, muffin, etc and greatly improve economic benefits and market competitiveness for users.
industrial bread baking oven price
The main characteristics of baking tunnel oven
⚪Save production space, reduce manpower requirements, and improve production efficiency.
⚪The same production space and personnel can achieve twice the output.
⚪The baked product has uniform primer and surface flame without color difference.
⚪Adopt compression double-layer insulation, reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption.
Industrial bakery oven can save 15% energy cost compared with ordinary tunnel furnace. When baking the product, it can be adjusted humanely according to the product weight and moisture content, and it will not be affected. Independent temperature zone and speed control, freely adjustable according to output requirements.
baking tunnel for sale
Advantages of bakery tunnel oven:
Temperature control system
1. The air-electric proportional regulating valve receives the PID 4-20mA signal of the thermostat and adjusts the air flow linearly. The zero-pressure valve synchronously linearly adjusts the gas flow to realize automatic temperature control.
2. Over-temperature limit delay action function, limit temperature and delay time parameters can be set freely, realize PID+ON.OFF function, can ensure temperature control at ±2.5℃, normal temperature fluctuation ±1℃
Thermal insulation measures: The thickness of the insulation layer can be up to 300mm, and the insulation effect is good, which can ensure the surface temperature

GELGOOG also offer Biscuit Production Line and  Cakes production line

Technical Data

Machine Size 2100*1500MM
Heating Gas
Air Consumption 0.9M³/H
Voltage 380V
Power 2HP
Tray Size 40*60CM



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