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Industrial Cats Ear Snack Frying Machine Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Industrial cats ear snack frying machine is designed with all stainless steel, double mesh belt conveyor, variable frequency speed regulation, stereotyped plate mesh belt, prevent deformation, oil and water mixed, automatic slag discharging.
cat ear snck frying machine
☆Continuous cat ear snack fryer has mesh belt turning mechanism, can at any time clean up the oil floating particles and residue in mesh belt, automatic temperature control, make the Fried products has a crunchy inviting the stability of the appearance, safe use, convenient and healthy, is the ideal deepfrying equipment.
☆Continuous cat ear fryer machine is especially suitable for fast food, snack foods, convenience foods Fried, widely used in the student nutrition food, food processing, hotels, enterprises, etc., suitable for Fried time in 10 seconds to three minutes of user needs.
industrial cat ear snack fryer
Description of industrial ear cat snack frying machine:
※Continuous Fryer is also called belt fryer, it can be used for different material, such as all kinds of nuts, potato chips/strips. This kind of fryer realizes the frying continuous and automatically.
※Continuous fryer is the key parts during fried peanut production, it receipts blanching peanuts, bring them to heated oil, during frying, the peanuts will stay on the belt and be fried evenly within short time.

GELGOOG "continuous frying machine" provides different models of fryers with different capaicties and heating types, and a full range of production planning services. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. 

Technical Data

Model Heating Method Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(before frying)
LZE2000 Electric 54 2200*785*1350 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips 60kg/h
LZE3500 Electric 90 3700*1600*2200 French fries 330kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
LZE5000 Electric 144-171 5200*1600*2200 French fries 400kg/h
  Potato chips220kg/h
LZE6500 Electric 190 6700*1600*2200 French fries 630kg/h
Potato chips350kg/h
LZE8000 Electric 234-252 8200*1600*2200 French fries 850kg/h
Potato chips460kg/h
LZG2000 Gas 10W C 2200*800*1400 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips60kg/h
LZG3500 Gas 20W C 3700*1900*2400 French fries 380kg/h
Potato chips120kg/h
LZG5000 Gas 30W C 5200*1900*2400 French fries 570kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
LZG6500 Gas 40W C 6700*1900*2400 French fries 760kg/h
Potato chips250kg/h
LZG8000 Gas 50W C 8200*1900*2400 French fries 950kg/h
Potato chips300kg/h



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