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Continuous Egg Crust Tart Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:1500-1800pcs/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Continuous egg crust tart making machine can be used to make crust tart, pie shell, Portuguese egg tart, Canton Tart etc, with microelectronics control, forming just about 4 seconds, and the capacity can be 1500-1800pcs/h, suitable for mass production, savoring labor, and reducing the cost.
egg tart making machine price

The egg tart shells making machine control by PLC program, easy to reply the mold, suitable for kinds of desin production, widely used for business. The crust tart making machine can be equipped with the filling machine, cooperate the automatically into the cuup, molding quickly

Machine Features of egg tart machine:
♥ The speed of the egg tart maker machine motor can be adjustable .
♥ The mold is equipped with a heating tube which can ensure a quick forming.
♥ Adopt PLC control, the capacity is 1500~1800 pcs/h.
♥ Quick and easy replacement of molds, suitable for various design production.
♥ Adopt stainless steel, which is simple to operation and easy to clean.
♥ Stable performance, compact structure and long service life.
crust egg tart making machine
Automatic egg tart making machine can complete the pressing, cup dropping forming, filling, converting and other process of egg tart shells at one time. High degree of automation, saving labors, suitable for large-scale and medium-sized enterprises' production. It is matched with different molds to form Cantonese egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tarts, etc


Technical Data

Model GG-A303 GG-A303-1
capacity(pcs/hour) 1500-1800 1500~1800
Working range (diameter) 40~90mm 40~90mm
rated power (KW) 0.5 0.5
Rated voltage (V) 220 220
Rated frequency (HZ) 50/60 50/60
Dimension (MM) 840*800*1300 840*690*1500
weight (KW) 120 130



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