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Industrial Plantain Chips Kpekere Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Industrial plantain chips making machine is specially designed to make plantain chips as well as kpekere, Chifle or Mariquitas. The production process of making plantain chips: Peeling(usually done manually) and then cutting, blanching, frying, seasoning and packaging. The final plantain chips not only retains the special taste of raw material, but also has rich nutritional value, delicious and convenient. 
GELGOOG also provides Semi-automatic Banana Chips Machine
In industrial production, the working process of plantain chips making machine: Blanching - Washing/Cooling - Manual peeling - Chips cutting - Frying - Deoiling - Cooling - Seasoning - Packaging

plantain chips production line price

Introduction of Plantain Kpekere Making Machine
Plantain slicing machine, rinsing machine, bleaching and ironing machine,dehydration machine, fried line (equipped with oil filter), oil off line, seasoning line, packaging machine
The characteristics of plantain kpekere frying machine: Oil and water after the automatic layering, oils in the upper layer of heat after the fried banana slices, underwater to accept the sinking of the waste residue, can be cleared in time,will not be ordinary frying machine for a short period of time oil floating black slag black acidification, resulting in waste.
plantain kpekere making machine

Main features of plantain chips machine:
1. The banna chips making equipment is divided into coal-fired type, electric heating type, oil temperature, water temperature automatic control. Fuel-efficient 50%, electricity saving, coal 40%, stainless steel manufacturing, safety and health.
2. Automatic operation improves overall banana chips productivity greatly with less time and labor.
3. Advanced technology guarantees the machine to have a low energy cost and labor cost.
4. Easy to operate and clean. Needs 3-4 people, it may be different according to your actual situation and your own arrangement.
5. Suitable for small or large s chips production.



Technical Data

Plantain Chips Making Line Equipment  500kg/h(Capacity)  
Equipment Name Power  
Plantain Chips Cutting Machine 1.1KW  
Elevator 0.55KW  
Fryer Mamchine 120KW(henating)+1.5KW(conveying)+0.55KW(lifting)  
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump)  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine 0.25KW*2  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)+0.55KW*6(six fans, each 0.55kw)  
Elevator 0.55KW  
Fryer Mamchine 100KW(heating+1.1KW(conveying)+0.55KW(lifting)+1.5KW(oil pump)  
oil filter 1.5KW(oil pump)  
Vibrating De-oiling Machine  0.25KW*2  
Drye Machine 1.1KW(conveying)+0.55KW*8(8 fans, each 0.55kw)  
Elevator 0.55KW  
Seasoning Machine 1.5KW



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