Multi-functional Pumpkin Seeds Shelling Machine|Melon Seeds Dehuller Machine

Material: pumpkin seeds,watermelon seeds,etc

Capacity: 100-200kg/h,can be customized

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This pumpkin seeds shelling machine can process the: pumpkin seeds,watermelon seed,Melon seeds,melon seeds,hanging gourd seeds and other seeds and were shelling.

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This pumpkin seeds shelling machine can process the: Pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, Melon seeds,honey-dew melon seeds (cantaloupe seeds) etc. The melon seeds shelling equipment is with high automatic characters and can remove the miscellaneous impurities from the raw materials such as little stone, flat seeds etc. And next it follows the working procedures: cracking, shelling, separating, grading and rechecking seeds and kernels.
pumpkin shelling machine

Feature and advantageds of melon seeds dehulling machine:
1. Application circulating shelling, shelling grain that is not automatically enter the next cycle shelling;
2. In the collection and processing of leather, sorting substituted by vibrating vacuum blow skin, reducing the dust generated.
3. Increasing the sorting screen process and screening area, so Jen sufficiently screened to reduce Jen returns caused by shelling machine broken,
4. By replacing the sorting sieve section, processing different specifications.
5. Compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance, etc.
watermelon seeds shelling machine
Introduction of the pumpkin seed dehuller machine:
Seed---Elevating---Dehulling---Shell and Kernel Separating 
The machine consists of Input Hopper , Elevator, Dehuller,and Electroc Control Cabinet. 
In addition to skin, sorting, one of which is not torn grain can automatically return to shelling shelling machine again until disengaged so far. As a result of shelling of the way after the first grade, so shelling separation effect is very good, high efficiency.


Production Processes Equipment Name Quantity
Grading Unit Feeding Hopper 1
Screw Elevator 1
Multifunctional Cleaner 1
Bucket Elevator 1
Grading Machine 3
Power distribution cabinet 1
Raw material is divided into seven levels, hulling six levels
Shelling Unit Feeding Hopper 1
Bucket Elevator 1
Shelling Machine 1
Screen of shell and kernel separate machine 5
Power distribution cabinet 1


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