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Fully Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Plant Machinery

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:200kg/h-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


The cashew shelling processing plant is a complete solution of cashew nut grading, shelling and packaging etc. It can also be equipped with a roasting machine to make roasted cashew nuts, with capacity range 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. The final packaging can be vacuum pack, pouch pack, pre-made pouch pack, jar pack, etc.
cashew nut processing line
Cashew nut processing line workflow: Cashew grading- cooking- shelling- drying- peeling- kernel grading- packaging
Introduction of automatic cashew nut shelling line:
★ Cashew boiling and drying: Boiling the cashew until the kernels and shells are separated, and dry the raw cashew nuts naturally.
★ Cashew grading: To grade cashew nuts by sizes. The main screening component is a rotating grading drum. Inside the grading cylinder, there are 4 different sieves from large to small.
★ Cashew Shelling: Manually operated mechanical shell opener, which consists of two blades. The raw cashew nuts are inserted between the blades, the operating lever is activated, and the operating lever drives the blades closer, squeezing the cashews, and the shells are split. 
Kernel roasting: After the kernel is separated from the shell, the roasted kernel is dried to reduce the moisture content and loosen the adhered seed coat.
★ Cashew nuts peeling: Use artificial methods to remove the seed coat from the kernel, and the average output per person per working day is 9-10 kg.
★ High temperature sterilization: the nuts are sterilized by high temperature before packaging.
★ Cashew nuts packaging: Cashew nuts have the property of absorbing moisture from the air. Therefore, the oxygen and moisture permeability of the packaging must be low. Generally, vacuum packaging or carbon dioxide-filled packaging can be used.

automatic cashew processing plant
Information of 200kg cashew nut processing plant:
Production cycle: about 25-30 days
Number of workers: about 8-12
Plant area: 300-500 square meters
Plant configuration: transformer size, plant power distribution cabinet
Installation training: 7-15 days, two engineers are required


Cashew is a kind of nutritious and sweet dried fruit, which can be eaten as a snack or made into a delicacy. If you want to start cashew nut business, please contact us. GELGOOG Machinery can customize cashew nut processing solutions for you, including cashew nut grading equipment, cashew nut shelling equipment, cashew nut baking equipment, cashew nut packaging equipment, etc.

Technical Data

Name Cashew Nut Shelling Processing Line
Final Products Peeled Cashew Nut,Packed Cashew Nut
Capacity 200KG/H,500KG/H, 1000KG/H
Raw Material Raw Cashew Nut



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