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GELGOOG Almond Shelling Processing Line Machinery

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GELGOOG almond shelling processing line is mainly used to remove the hard shell of various specifications of kernels, such as almond, hazelnut, etc. with advantages of high shelling effect and easy to operate.
almond shelling processing line
Working principle of Almond Shelling Processing Line:
This almond shelling machine removes the hard shells of different specifications of almond kernels by adjusting the gap between the first and the first stage processing shelling rolls.
Installation requirements
1. Place the machine steadily on the flat concrete ground according to Figure 1, and the grounding wire should be connected to the deep buried.
2. After installation, manually check that each transmission part should rotate flexibly without jamming.
3. The motor power line should be installed reasonably, safely and well insulated

Adjustment requirements
1. Make sure that the direction of operation of each motor is consistent with the indicated direction, start the motor after no error, and operate after 5 minutes of dry running without abnormal conditions.
2. Before preparing the materials to be processed, check the variety, fruit size and dry humidity, and adjust the appropriate shelling roller gap for processing, so as to ensure that the crushing rate of the nuts is low, otherwise the crushing rate will increase.
3. First take a small amount of fruit with a peeling machine to test peeling, check the broken rate.
almond shelling machine for sale
GELGOOG has always been committed to promoting the deep integration of industrial digitalization and the food industry. This almond shelling processing line is designed for processing almond wth high degree of automation, cost reduction, stable performance, and simple operation. GELGOOG provides customized solutions according to customer needs.

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