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Automatic Zelalem Injera Ethiopian Enjera Bread Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


GELGOOG offers automatic zelalem injera machine which requires much less manpower than traditional methods. The injera making machine can produce ingera with a thickness of 2- 4 mm, different capacities with different prices.
zelalem injera making machine price

Steps of Making Zelalem Injera
Injera is a sour flatbread used in Ethiopian traditionally made out of teff flour, the world's tiniest grain. How to make injera?

1. Mixing the teff flour with the water, and then cover it with a cloth and let the dough rest until it ferments and bubbles appear on the surface. It should be similar in consistency to the semi-liquid batter used to make crepes.
2. Adding some salt, then put a thick-bottomed pan on the fire and grease the bottom with oil. When it's hot, add enough batter to cover the bottom.
3. Let the bread cook until the edges separate from the pan and holes start to form, about 2-3 minutes. It should not brown.
4. Removing the bread from the pan, without turning it over, and set it aside.
5. Repeat the process of greasing the pan, cover the bottom with dough and cook it until we finish with all the dough.

automatic zelalem injera making machine

Making Injera in the traditional way is very time consuming. Now GELGOOG offers a complete set of injera making machine
Advantage of Automatic Zelalem Injera Machine
♦Ethiopian injera bread making machine of product size, thickness, crisp, moisture, softness, hardness, can be controlled
♦Machine is full automatic, just need one worker, labor saving.
♦Machine is made of stainless steel materaial, safe and easy to clean
♦If you want make different sizes, we can customize the moulds according to your requirement.

About injera making: The main raw material pf making injera is teff powder (teff), the main producing areas are Ethiopia and Eritrea; Moss powder + low-gluten wheat flour + water beating, then proofing, after proofing evenly, use a beating machine. Stir to create bubbles, and then begin to sizing. The proofing time generally takes one night, and no seasoning is generally added.


Technical Data

Model  GG-8045 GG-12060
Dimension  Single machine: 3000*1100*1600mm Single machine: 3300*1300*2300mm
Production line: 6500*1100*1600mm Production line: 6200*1300*2300mm
Power 38kw 59kw
N. W. 1000 kg 1750kg
Thickness 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm
Voltage 380V/220V (50/60HZ) 380V/220V (50/60HZ)



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