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Seaweed Kelp Drying Solution Auto Kelp Processing Equipment

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Kelp is one of the more common foods in daily life. It is a kind of seafood, which can supplement the nutrients that the body lacks and can be made into a variety of delicacies. Dried kelp is easy to store, and its nutritional value and efficacy are not inferior to fresh kelp. How to make dried kelp?
dried kelp processing equipment
The process flow of dried kelp processing:
Seaweed washing→blanching→salting→washing→cooling→cutting → drying dehydrating→packaging.

The full set of dried kelp production line includes: 
※ Seaweed or kelp washing machine

The automatic kelp cleaning machine requires the use of a kelp cleaning machine. On the basis of the cleaning machine, a fork is used to feed the material forward, and at the same time, it is helpful for cleaning. The washing of kelp will not damage the nutrition of kelp itself. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the standard and can be used safely.

Seaweed blanching: Put laver into a blanching machine and boil at a high temperature of 90℃~99℃;
Seaweed salting: blanched water to cool the salt (the salt content is 40% of the fresh seaweed)
Removal of seaweed salt: Wash the pretreated seaweed 3 times to ensure that there is no foreign matter and the salt content is controlled below 0.2%.
Seaweed cooling: dry quickly at room temperature, marinate and wash the seaweed, cool and blanch, and the excess water will remain on the surface;
dried kelp making machine
※ Seaweed cutting machine: Multifunctional vegetable cutter, with slicing head, comes with four knives. It is suitable for the processing of hard and soft roots, stems, leafy vegetables and kelp. It can be cut into slices, pieces, silk, cubes, diamonds, curves, etc.
※ Seaweed drying machine: The use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly Heat Pump Dryer has a good drying effect. The selected working temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is equipped with an indoor circulating fan to promote mechanical convection of the indoor hot air and make the indoor temperature more uniform.

kelp drying machine for sale

For more than ten years, GELGOOG has focused on the research and development and design of food solutions, customers in 190 countries around the world. This factory direct sale kelp drying machine is suitable for drying seafood, such as sea cucumber, scallop edge (diced), squid flakes (silk), cuttlefish, shrimp, kelp, etc. Can be customized according to the drying process of the dried items, the temperature and humidity can be controlled and adjusted.

Technical Data

Equipment Name
Kelp Washing Machine
Kelp blanching machine
Salting machine
Washing machine
Cooling machine
Kelp Cutting machine
Kelp drying machine
Packaging machine



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