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Delivery Service

On-time delivery + training guidance + successful commissioning

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R&D Delivery

The first delivery in the process of customer service is "R&D delivery". According to the detailed requirements of the customer's project, the engineers and product managers of GELGOOG make the first creation for the customer and tailor the project solution.

Product Delivery

After completing the next stage of "R&D and delivery", GELGOOG completes the equipment delivery link in the overall plan through design and production arrangements, mainly including process feasibility testing, stability testing, production simulation testing and other contents to ensure the equipment is successfully accepted and delivered.

Logistics Delivery

The tested equipment will be well packed and delivered to the customer's designated port under the premise of ensuring safety according to the customer's transportation needs. Keep in touch with customers in time during transportation, update logistics information, and help customers clear customs after the goods arrive at the port.

Technology Delivery

When the equipment arrives at the customer's factory, the customer manager of GELGOOG will contact the customer in time, provide instructions and installation videos, arrange for engineers to come to install and debug if necessary, and provide technical training and on-site guidance to ensure complete technical delivery.