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GELGOOG Assists HANKS Company to Upgrade Garlic Processing Solution

"Jamie, I have good news for you. Recently, the quick-frozen small package of garlic granules we produced has been selling very well in Chaguanas, and we have also received large orders from 2 old customers in the United States..." A phone call from Trinidad and Tobago made Jamie in GELGOOG excited as she saw of the dancing from the customer.
Garlic is rich in nutrients, has good dietary value and is very popular. Garlic is easy to air-dry, germinate, or even deteriorate during storage, giving off odor and unsanitary conditions. These problems can be solved by proper handling.
garlic processing plant for sale
The customer of HANKS company from Trinidad and Tobago is engaged in food import and export trade in Chaguanas, mainly selling peeled garlic, seasonal vegetables, etc. The sales volume of garlic alone can reach 3000T a year. Due to the large business volume, the customer imported garlic processing line from China 15 years ago. However, because they cannot keep up with the current industry situation and the added value of products is not high, customers have been looking for the upgrading of garlic processing.fresh garlic processing plant
Last year, customers noticed that peeled and quick-frozen small packages of garlic granules were selling well in the international market. After the imported garlic is simply peeled and quick-frozen, the garlic grains appear in the market, restaurants and hotels in the form of small packages, and the value is doubled. Customers who have identified the direction of the upgrade found Jergoug through the Internet.
The garlic processing solutions provided by GELGOOG Company including garlic peeling, grading, rinsing, fresh-keeping, air-drying, weighing, and packaging, left a good initial impression on customers, but for the processing technology of fresh-keeping garlic, There are doubts about production efficiency and input-output ratio. For all the questions mentioned by the customers, Jerguer arranges engineers to answer them one by one in a timely manner, and also provides systematic data support for the core process issues such as garlic grading and preservation. After several rounds of communication, according to the factory information provided by the customer and the local climatic conditions, GELGOOG determined various equipment parameters and made a planning drawing of the garlic production line.
The high-quality service has won the customer's recognition and trust. The customer thinks that the garlic preservation and processing solution provided by GELGOOG exceeds their expectations, and the order is confirmed within a week. On the basis of the original order of fruit and vegetable grading equipment, food quick-freezing equipment, and weighing and packaging equipment, the company took the opportunity to eliminate its previous equipment and increased the order of garlic splitting machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic washing machine and auxiliary equipment.
According to the planning drawings, the successful implementation of the garlic fresh-keeping production line is only the starting point of Jieerguge's customer service. In the future, GELGOOG will also integrate the development trend of global garlic processing, and provide continuous services for the digitalization and intelligence of customers' processing and production.