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Industrial Use Quick Tunnel Freeze Machine For Durian Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Quick tunnel freeze machine for durian is a kind of IQF machine, with the advantages of stable performance and multiple use, this machine is perfect for industrial frozen food processing factories. The durian quick-freezing equipment uses liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant to meet the requirements of cooling and environmental protection. 
durian quick freezing machine

Main Features of Durian Quick Freeze Machine:
1.Single belt for crust hardening applications
2.Fast and efficient cooling with multiple level conveyor belts
3.Belts can operate independently at various speeds or on a cascade principle
4.Low maintenance with a fully accessible stainless steel design
5.Design provides rapid freezing with lowest power consumption
quick freezing machine supplier
Advantages of Durian quick freeze machine
♥ High production capacity in a smaller footprint than conventional spiral freezers.
♥ Higher frozen product quality from a quicker freeze. Adjustable air speed for controlled processing of light and delicate products
♥ Reduced labor for cleaning and improved food safety through hygienic design.
♥ Less product dehydration through reduced freezing time resulting in higher product yield.

The quick-freeze machin for durian adopts new temperature control technology and liquid nitrogen freezing technology, so that the process of program-controlled heating, constant temperature, and cooling is uniform and stable.  Quick freezing equipment has a variety of specifications such as box type, cabinet type, tunnel type, etc., and can be designed and customized according to user requirements

Technical Data

Model Power Dimension Voltage
GGDS100 5KW 5300*2500*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS200 8.2KW 6700*2700*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS300 11.2KW 7900*3300*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS500 20KW 8200*4200*3200mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS1500 50KW 14200*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS2000 72KW 17700*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase



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