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GELGOOG Cigar Roll Production Equipment Solution 3000pcs/h

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:3000-4000pcs/h Can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Cigar rolls, also called spring rolls or egg rolls. This kind of food with wrapper and stuffing, is popular in many countries, like Southeast Asian countries, Middle East countries, European and American countries etc. The cooking technique used, as well as the name, vary considerably within this large area. GELGOOG cigar roll production line is designed to make different sizes of rolls.
cigar roll production line
The automatic cigar roll machine developed and produced by our gelgoog is a special equipment for spring roll production, with large output and high work efficiency. Various sizes of spring rolls can be produced, and customize sizes.
Advantages of GELGOOG cigar roll production line:
♥ The finished spring roll has a smooth surface, the thinnest can reach 0.3mm, the thickest can reach 2mm.
♥ The finished spring rolls are complete, more flexible and will not break
♥ This spring roll equipment adopts special insulation board, no heat is lost, energy-saving effect is good, and the shell is not broken.
♥ The machine is easy to operate, and the digital display can be controlled arbitrarily. Used to control the speed of the baking drum, batter outlet and cooling conveyor belt.
♥The heating starts very quickly. The average preheating time is shortened by more than 60% compared with the resistance coil heating method. At the same time, the thermal efficiency is as high as 90%. Electric resistance coil heating saves 30-70%.
automatic egg roll making machine
This cigar roll production line is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the spring rolls produced are clean and hygienic. It is sturdy and durable and has been exported to the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc. The capacity range 1000-2000pcs/h, 3000-4000pcs/h and 5000-7000pcs/h (The final spring rolls: Length 9cm, diameter 2.6cm, the weight 30-40grams)


GELGOOG "cigar roll production solution" provides all the necessary equipment at one time, as well as a full range of cigar rolls production planning services. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. GELGOOG is your food company spring roll production plan and spring roll recipe consultant, which can provide various equipment for spring roll production, including spring roll pastry equipment, spring roll equipment, spring roll frying equipment, packaging equipment, etc., as well as various customized solutions.


Technical Data

Name Dimensiton(mm) Power(kw) No.
Spring Roll Wapper Part 2200*2000*2200 59 1
Stuffing Part 700*600*1000 0.4 1
Spring Roll Folding Part 1700*500*1360 0.4 1
Spring Roll Forming Part 4030*500*1100 0.4 1
Batter Mixer 1300*600*900 1.1 1
Batter Tank 800*300*320 / 1
Batter Pump - 0.55 2
Capacity: 3000-4000pcs/h



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