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Cocoa Beans Roasting Factory Machine

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According to the heating mode, the cocoa roasting machine is divided into two types: Electric heating and gas heating. According to the material, it is divided into two types: Carbon steel and stainless steel. GELGOOG can design continuous baking machines with different uses and forms according to your needs.
Cocoa bean roasting machine is perfect used with other cocoa processing machines like Cocoa powder production line

cocoa bean roasting machine
Introduction of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine:
☆The mesh belt cocoa bean roasting machine is composed of a frame, a conveyor mesh belt, a heating device and a thermal cycle device.
☆The hopper on the front section of the equipment has a gate to control the thickness of the material layer. Choosing a suitable material layer thickness for different materials with different air permeability characteristics can effectively ensure the uniform penetration of hot air.
☆The driving drum of the transmission belt is driven by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, and the operating speed can be adjusted in a wide range. The baking maturity control of the material is mainly adjusted by the operating speed.
☆The heating device and the thermal circulation device make uniform circulating hot air in the oven. The hot air penetrates the material upward from the lower part of the mesh belt and then passes through the heating element to supplement the heat energy. The temperature controller can realize automatic temperature control.
cocoa bean roasting equipment for sale
Characteristics of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine:
A new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving roasting machine developed by comparing similar products at home and abroad and integrating the advantages of each continuous roasting machine, the roasted product tastes pure. It has the advantages of energy saving and safety, sanitation and convenience, fast temperature rise, stable performance, low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life, simple operation and maintenance, etc. Its baking quality meets food hygiene standards and international production standards.
This nut roasting machine is mainly used in food processing industry, beans and nuts such as peanuts, walnut, cashew nuts, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans, etc. to reduce moisture, dry and roast products.
nut roasting machine for sale
About Repair & Maintenance
1. Before starting the cocoa roasting machine, check whether the electric control system of the rotating cage is normal, whether the bolts of the rotating part are loose, whether the thermocouple pointer or the digital display is flexible, and when it is intact (open), it will heat up.
2. For the reducer and the bearings at both ends of the shaft, the gear oil and grease should be checked on time to prevent damage due to lack of oil.

Technical Data

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Air Consumption
GG-HLG6 2.6 100-150 6000*1500*1450 1500 2-4kg
GG-HLG8 2.97 150-200 8000*1500*1450 1700 3-5kg
GG-HLG11 4.08 200-300 11000*1500*1450 2000 6-8kg



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