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Fully Automatic Potato Chips Manufacturing Equipment

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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The complete potato chips production line/potato crisps manufacturing equipment is all made of 304 stainless steel. The same set of potato chips machinery can also be used to sweet potato chips, cassava chips, plantain or banana chips (from cutting to packaging). Some machines need to be exchanged according to the customer's production process.
This potato chips making machine line can also be used to make french fries by changing the potato chips cutting machine.
potato chips processing plant
Equipment of Automatic Potato Chips Production Line
Fresh potato selection → cleaning and peeling → Potato slicing → Blanching → Drying → Frying → Deoiling → Wind Cooling → Flavoring → Chips packing.
Potato chips keeps the special delicious flavor of roasted potato and has the characteristics of rich nutrition, delicious, convenient and so on. GELGOOG offer a whole set of machines to produce the potato chips and crisps.
The full line of potato chips making machine is consited of: 1.Elevator, 2.Washing and peeling machine, 3.Picking line, 4.Elevator, 5.Potato cutting machine, 6.Rinsing line, 7.Blanching machine, 8.Dewatering machine, 9.Oil-water mixed frying machine, 10.Vibration de-oiling, 11.De-oiling machine, 12. Seasoning machine, 13. Picking line, 14. Automatic potato chips packaging machine
automatic potato chips production line
The features of the whole potato chips line plant:
☆ Low fuel consumption ☆Improved productivity with excellent product quality. ☆Automatic line, labor saving.  ☆Excellent on line oil filtration ☆High oil turn over ratio
1. Automatic lifting, automatic mixing, automatic timing insulation
2. Online filter residue, leakage protection
3. Durable, zero failure rate and easy operation
4. Adopt SUS 304 stainless steel
5. Available heat energy: Electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and diesel oil,environmental protection,heat conduction oil furnace.

GELGOOG "potato chips production line" provides all the necessary equipment at one time, as well as a full range of potato chips production planning services. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. 

Technical Data

Potato chips production line Power(kw) Voltage
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ
Washing and Peeling Machine 4.75 380v/50HZ
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ
Potato Chips Cutter Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ
Rinsing Machine 5.5 380v/50HZ
Blanching Machine 125 380v/50HZ
Air Dewatering Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ
Sorting Conveyor Line 0.75 380v/50HZ
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ
Frying Machine 123 380v/50HZ
Vibrating Type Oil Removing Machine 1.5 380v/50HZ
Air Drying Machine 7.1 380v/50HZ
Elevator 0.75 380v/50HZ
Flavoring Machine 0.75 380v/50HZ
Packaging Machine   380v/50HZ



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