Almond Cashew Pistachio Nut Roaster Machine Drum Type

Material: peanut,nut,snack,etc

Capacity: can be customized

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This nut roaster machine is mainly suitable for food processing industry, beans, nuts, nuts (such as peanuts, milky rice, boiled spiced peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans), etc.

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The nut roaster machine drum type is divided into electric heating and gas heating according to the heating form. It is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to the material. We can design different ovens according to your needs.
cashew pinenut roasting machine
Fundamental of the multipurpose nut roasting machine:
1.This machine adopts the rotary rolling cage, which uses the unique high-quality infrared catalytic burner to realize the flameless catalytic combustion of natural gas and petroleum liquefied gas,and has an automatic temperature control setting. 
2.During the baking process,the baked object is in the cylinder.The propulsion device is continuously advanced to form an uninterrupted cycle,which makes it evenly heated and effectively provides the baking quality.
Features of the nut roasting machine:
Energy-saving safety,convenient sanitation,fast temperature rise,stable performance,low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life,easy operation and maintenance,etc.


Model Dimension(mm) Output
GG-GHG1 2900*1500*1650 100-150 1.1 2-3 700
GG-GHG2 2900*2180*1650 200-300 2.2 4-6 1200
GG-GHG3 2900*3020*1650 300-400 3.3 6-9 1600
GG-GHG4 2900*3850*1650 400-500 4.4 8-12 2000
GG-GHG5 2900*4700*1650 500-600 5.5 10-15 2400

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