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Ice Cream Waffle Sugar Cone Production Automatic Line Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:3500-7500pcs/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Automatic ice cream cone production line is fully automatic line which can make crispy waffle cones and sugar cones. GELGOOG Machinery can design the different baking parts to make different types of cones according to the requirements of different clients. The full ice cream cone production lines made by GELGOOG with diffferent capacities range from 3500pcs/h to 7500pcs/h.
sugar cone production line

Features of ice cream cone production line:
1.Automatic ice cream sugar cone baking oven equipped with Touch-screen and programmed by Siemens. PLC Software,this unit is of natural gas to generate the heat energy to make ice cream cone
2.The equipment is easy to operate which with automatic temperature control,lighting  to finish the baking process.  
3.From filling flour paste to get a ice cream cone just need 2minutes,one time molding.
The size of ice cream cone products can be customized, and production line of different specifications can be produced according to different requirements of customers. The same baking machine for ice cream cones, choosing different forming molds, can produce variety of round cones, egg rolls, waffle bowl and other products.
waffle cone production line
The tunnel type automatic sugar cone production line is a kind of cone machinery controlled by PLC, with high degree of automation, high production efficiency and stable performance. The size of the sugar cone product can be customized: we can produce machines of different specifications and models according to customers' different specifications.
The final cones made by this ice cream cone production line is mainly used for filling ice cream etc. The total spare parts and tools for automatic cone baking machine, beater, air compressor each one, and supplied with a set of accessories.


Technical Data

Model Power(KW) Capacity(PCS/H) LPG Consumption(M³/H) Machine Size(MM) Weight(KG)
GGDCL-37x2 3.37kw 3500-4000 6-7 7300*2100*2000 4000
GGDCL-45x2 3.37kw 4000-5000 8-10 8700*2100*2000 5000
GGDCL-53x2 3.37kw 5000-6000 10-12 10300*2100*2100 5800
GGDCL-61x2 4.07kw 6000-7000 14-16 11000*2100*2000 6500
GGDCL-69x2   7000-7500 16-18 12300*2100*2000  



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