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Continuous Snack Food Frying Line Solution

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GELGOOG continuous snack frying line includes frying system, deoiling system, seasoning system and some conveyors, etc. The continuous snack frying line is multi-functional, which can fry various foods at the same time without mutual odor.
snack continuous frying line
Introduction of Snack Frying Line:
Frying System: The oil-water energy-saving frying machine can choose electric heating, air heating, external heating and other methods. It is a smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water mixed frying equipment. The speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted at will according to the customer's own needs. The frying line is generally divided into two types of oil-water mixed pure oil type. The frying line is used by customers based on the principle of 100% utilization of thermal efficiency and energy saving. The frying line is generally equipped with an assembly line.
Deoiling System: Automatic centrifugal rotation degreasing and automatic discharging; The machine is equipped with a timer, and the degreasing time can be set according to the needs, saving time and effort.
Seasoning System: The drum seasoning machine is used for seasoning food in the food production process. This equipment has an adjustable inclination-angle seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line. Equipped with a vibrating dusting device and an atomized oil spraying device, so that the seasoning is evenly sprinkled on the material.

continuous snack frying line
Application of Snack Frying Line:
Fully automatic snack food frying machine is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises. The suitable products are: broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; rice crackers, potato chips, plantain chips, and other puffed foods; pastry food like spring rolls, samosa, chicken nuggets etc.


The Design Process of the Snack Frying Line
The frying equipment adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers to effectively alleviate the oxidation degree of the fried oil. During the frying process, the principle of different proportions of oil and water is used to automatically filter residual inspection and automatically control temperature. Thereby extending the service life of the oil. The mesh belt is used for transmission, and the mesh belt is adjusted according to customer needs. With high efficiency, high output and high quality of fried products, it is an ideal equipment for medium and large fried food processing enterprises.
snack frying equipment for sale
In response to customer needs in different scenarios, GELGOOG has developed a complete set of snack food frying processing technology. The process includes a complete set of production equipment from raw materials to frying. Modular equipment can be freely matched and combined according to customer needs. The production capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h. 

Technical Data

o. Name
1 Continuous Fryer
2 Oil filter
3 Deoiling Machine
4 Conveying and Lifting Machine
5 Cooling Machine
6 Seasoning Machine



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