Industrial Garlic Powder Production Line Price

Material: garlic

Capacity: Can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao port


Industrail garlic powder production line is mainly used to realize from garlic to garlic powder have the advantage of the high degree of automation reduces manpower and improves production efficiency.

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Industrial garlic powder production line is mainly included thse machines: Garlic separating machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic dehydrating machine, garlic powder making machine and garlic powder packing machine. GELGOOG garlic powder production line is mainly used to realize from garlic to garlic powder have the advantage of the  high degree of automation reduces manpower and improves production efficiency. 
garlic powder production line
1. This garlic separater machine  is easy to operate, maintains the shape of the garlic, and can automatically separate the garlic skin, so only one operator can run it. It also has the characteristics of strong practicability, large capacity, power saving, easy maintenance, and low failure rate.
2. Garlic peeling machine: mainly used for garlic peeling, different production requirements can be used in different scenarios.
3. Garlic slicer machine: Spherical fruit ginger, banana, bamboo shoots, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, cucumber and other strips are quickly cut into slices or slices, suitable for cutting bamboo shoots, and can be customized through knife sets to obtain different cutting thicknesses.
4. Garlic dehydration|drying machine: We have two different dryers, mesh belt type and drying oven type. They also have different capabilities for customers to choose from.
5. Garlic powder grinder machine: It mainly grinds garlic pieces into powder, and can directly pack ginger powder. The mill can be used for grain crushing for various purposes.
powder grinding machine
6. Packaging machine: The powder packaging machine mainly packs powdery materials, and the whole process is fully automatic.
Garlic Powder Process Production Line
Garlic Separating Machine Power:6.6kw
Dimension: 4000*1200*1400mm
Elevator Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 1800*800*1600mm
Garlic Peeling Machine Power:4.37kw
Dimension: 3100*900*1500mm
Garlic Picking Belt Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 3000*800*900mm
Garlic Washing Machine Power:3kw/380v
Voltage: 380V50Hz3PH
Dimension: 4000*1000*1300mm
Ginger Slicing Machine Power;1.1kw
Dimension: 690*560*880mm
Garlic Slice Drying Machine Power:300kw
Dimension: 10000*2200*2000mm
Elevator Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 2000*1200*1400mm
Garlic Powder Making Machine Power:11kw
Dimension: 7000*1000*2400mm
Garlic Power Packing Machine Power:4kw
Dimension: 700*900*2100mm

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