Automatic Cocoa Powder Cocao Processing Machine Production Line

Material: 100-1000kg/h

Capacity: Can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao port


The cocoa powder production line is consisted of cocoa bean roasting machine,cocoa bean peeling machine,cocoa bean grinder,hydraulic oil press,powder grinder and powder packaging machine.

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The automatic cocoa powder processing line manufactured by GELGOOG Machinery is consisted of cocoa bean roasting machine, cocoa bean peeling machine, cocoa bean grinder, hydraulic oil press, powder grinder and powder packaging machine.
cocoa processing machine
1. Cocoa bean roasting machine: There are many types of roasting machine can be used to process cocoa beans. This drum type cocoa beans roasting machine can record temperature continously,which adopts heat conduction  and  thermal radiation theory scroll uninterruptedly pushed by screw panel inside the drum, to be heated evenly.
2. Cocoa bean peeling machine:This machine has reasonable design, simple operation, safe and reliable, with high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, which is an ideal equipment to cocoa bean peeling.
3. Cocoa beans grinder: Put peeled cocoa beans into grinding machine to make cocoa bean paste.This grinder machine is mainly used to make nuts, seeds and beans into butter.
4. Hydradulic oil press: Suitable for cold pressing or hot pressing any oil seeds and oil plant, such as tiger nut, walnut, peanut,sesame seeds, almond etc.Especially for pressing sesame, pine nut, walnut, and so on valuable oil seeds.
5. Cocoa Powder Grinder: After pressed oil, the leftover or oil cake can be used to grind into powder. Before this, you can also use a coarse crushing to crush the oil cake into small particles.

cocoa powder grinding machine
6. Cocoa powder packaging machine: According to customers's requirement, GELGOOG offer both powder bag packaging machine, sealing machine (packing into 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, etc) and also powder sachet packaging machine (packing into small sachets like 100grams-1kg, etc)

Machine Specification
1.Cocoa Roasting machine Gas volume:2-3kg/h
2. Cocoa bean peeling machine Model:GGPT-300
Power:1.5kw+0.75kw, 380V,50HZ
3.Grinding machine Output size(mesh):100-200
4. Oil Press Machine Pressure:60Mpa
Piston stroke:550mm
Feeding Diameter:230mm
Capacity(Per time):7-8kg
Heating power:1kw
Hydraylic Motor power:1.5kw,380V
Nominal pressure:2200KN
5.Cocoa crushing machine Capacity:200kg/h
Inter diameter:300*210mm
6.Powder Making Machine Capacity(kg/h):100-300kg/h
Revolution of spindle:3400r/min
Size of fed material (mm):12
Grinding Size:60-120 mesh
Crusher motor:11kw
Cleaner motor:0.75kw
Dimension (mm):600*700*1450
Weight (kg):320

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