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Industrial Palm Dates Processing Line 500kg/h For Sale

  • Material:palm dates
  • Capacity:500kg/h, can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


GELGOOG palm dates processing line is consisted of date washing machine, drying machine, sorting machine, grinding machine, etc. The date palm paste production line is suitable for the 500kg/h dates factory dried dates processing and the similar to date dried fruits processing.
If it is fresh dates, it needs to be dried first. We can configure complete dates of different scales according to the specific needs of customer's dates processing plant.
palm date processing line

Advantages of Date Processing Plant
☆ The palm dates processing plant is suitable for a wide variety of fruits, such as dates, olives, hawthorn and other fruits with similar characteristics.
☆ Depending on the investment value and product structure, customers may need medium, intermediate or advanced dates processing plant.
☆ The finished product date paste  has pure flavor, bright color and high material usage rate;
☆ The whole date processing line has the features of high degree of automation, low labor intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operating cost.
date processing plant for sale
Palm Dates Processing Production Flow Chart
The general dates paste processing process : raw materials → washing → picking → preheating → nucleating and beating → fine grinding → concentration and sterilization → filling. Each processing process has its corresponding date palm processing equipment.
date palm processing machine
Why choose GELGOOG?
1. We specialize in designing general contracting projects for date fruit processing lines, and we provide you with experienced engineers design general contracting project suggestions.
2. In addition to filling machines and downstream packaging machines, we are professionals in dates processing plant manufacturers. For filling machines and downstream packaging machines, we have partners who can cooperate with you.
3. GELGOOG can send engineers to your factory site to guide you in installation and commissioning.

Technical Data

No Machine
1 Date washing machine
2 Air-drying machine
3 Date pitting machine
4 Date paste grinder
5 Packing machine
6 Conveyors etc



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