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Continuous Nut Roasting Line For Peanut Cashew Chinese Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:200-500kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This continuous nuts roasting line is consisted of Roaster Part and Cooling Part. The finished product is with room temperature, thus it can be packed or sell directly. This continuos nut roasting machine is with 3 mm thick stainless steel for durability. The use of electromagnetic starter can avoid the damage to the motor caused by overload and unstable voltage
continuous nut roasting line
★ Application: Suitable for various kind of nuts, like peanut, sesame, almond, cashew nut, sunflower seed, melon seed, cocoa bean, chickpeas, broad beans, tiger nut, pistachios, etc. and also can used to process the grains, like soybean, corn, Quinoa, Oat etc. and also can process various kind of seeds. 
★Material of this automatic nuts roaster machine can be designed according to clients’ requirement. Like make the machine to be All stainless steel, food touch parts to be stainless steel and other port to be Carbon Steel.
peanut roasting machine supplier
★Capacity: Nuts roaster machine can be designed according to clients’ demand, like 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h etc.
★Heating method of this automatic roaster mahcine: Gas heating, electric heating, diesel heating,etc.
In addition, this peanut roaster machine can use circulating fan heat exchange, strong baking, increasing the baking efficiency, improve the baking quality of equipment. After setting the cooling area, realize the integrated production and cooling equipment, compact structure.

Technical Data

Model Motor Power
Heating Power
Dimension(mm) Weight
GG-HLE6 2.6 22-36 100-150 6000*1500*1450 1500
GG-HLE8 2.97 33-48 150-200 8000*1500*1450 1700
GG-HLE11 4.08 48-70 200-300 11000*1500*1450 2000



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