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Coconut Chips Flakes Making Machine Chinese Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Coconut chips or coconut flakes are a very popular snack. The raw materials are fresh coconut meat and white sugar etc. As a Chinese supplier of coconut chips production line, GELGOOG can offer the full set of coconut processing solutions.
The coconut chips making machine includes coconut cutting machine, coconut flavoring machine, coconut roasting machine, cooling machine, coconut chips packaging machine, etc.
coconut chips making machine
GELGOOG offers coconut chips making machine with high-efficiency, it can make toasted coconut flakes. This coconut chips making machine is specially designed for white coconut meat cutting machine, with high quality and large capacity.
Imported material: Coconut meat
Final product: coconut flakes
Process: Coconut shelling, slicing, baking, seasoning, packaging, etc. (customizable)

Processing of Coconut Chips Making
Coconut can be processed into coconut chips. The processing technology of candied coconut flakes is a bit similar to coconut horns. It uses natural fresh coconut meat and white sugar, and is made by peeling, washing, cutting into slices, steaming, processing, drying and other technical processes.
  ⚪ The drying temperature is controlled at 45-60℃, and then it can be gradually increased until the moisture content of the dried product is below 8%. The dried coconut flakes are evenly white and have the unique fragrance and sweetness of coconut meat.
  ⚪ The coconut chips making machine is widely used in snack food factory, frozen food factory, fruit processing factory, etc.
For coconut drying machine: GELGOOG offers heat pump drying equipment, which is with a wide range, high degree of automation, closed operation, energy saving and environmental protection, it is an ideal choice for drying equipment for fruits and vegetables.
coconut chips production line

Features of Coconut Chips Making Machine:
A. The performance is stable, the operation is convenient, and it can be multi-functional.
B. Using programmable control mode, temperature, humidity, time, etc. can be set.
C. Made of stainless steel, food grade, easy to clean
D. Convenient setting to realize intelligent management.

Toasted coconut chips are sugary and crisp: This is the mainstream specification on the domestic market, suitable for eating directly as a snack, very crisp and fragrant. Any interest in coconut chips processing business, please feel free to contact GELGOOG machinery: Email WhatsApp +8618537181190


Technical Data

No Equipment
1 Coconut shelling machine
2 Cutting machine
3 Saccharify machine
4 Air-drying machine
5 Drying Machine
6 Packaging Machine



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