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GELGOOG Mango Pulp Juice Processing Plant For Sale

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  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Mango pulp is a dessert made with mangoes. Mango juice has a good antioxidant function, can improve our immunity and protect our body. GELGOOG provides the full set of mango pulp processing plant, including mango washing, pulping, sterilization and packaging, etc.

Mango pulp processing plant and machinery
mango pulp processing plant
GELGOOG manufacture and supply complete mango processing machinery on a turnkey basis for the production of mango pulp, juice and concentrated puree, as well as stand-alone machines that meet specific requirements. We can build a mango processing plant on a turnkey basis to process fresh mangoes into mango pulp, mango concentrate/jam and mango juice.

Main features of mango pulp production line:
★ All machines are available in SUS 304 and 316L.
★ This production line is also suitable for processing fruits with similar characteristics.
★ Use "hot breaking" or "cold breaking" technology to produce jams with different viscosities.
★ The production process is fully automatic PLC control, which saves labor and facilitates production management.
★ Low-temperature vacuum evaporation keeps flavors and nutrients to the maximum while saving energy.
★ Tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer and aseptic filling machine produce high-quality jam products.
★ Final packaging: usually packed in barreled aseptic bags or boxed aseptic bags. Then pack it in a small package. Such as: plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, cans, four packs, etc.
mango juice processing line for sale
Gelgoog mango pulp production lines with better quality and GELGOOG provides customization for mango processing plants, including plant construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production.

For mango washing machine

Technical Data

Machine Name
Bubble type washing machine
Sorting machine
Brush type cleaning machine
Hammer crusher
Forced feed pump
Spiral fruit juicer
Temporary storage tank
Juice pump
Enzymatic hydrolysis tank
Juice pump
Plate and frame filter
Temporary storage tank
Juice pump
Diatomaceous earth filter
Mixing tank
Juice pump
High pressure homogenizer
Juice storage tank
Vacuum degasser
Sterilizer machine
Mango pulp filling machine



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