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Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:200kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Full automatic chocolate production line can be used to make various shapes chocolate, like bar chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate balls, heart-shaped chocolate, etc. The full set of chocolate making machines includes cocoa butter melting machine, cocoa powder grinder, conching machine, storage and heating machine, temperature adjustment machine, chocolate chip depositing machine, chocolate packaging machine, etc. 
automatic chocolate making machine

Advantages Automatic Chocolate Production Line:
1.You can make different shapes of chocolate by replacing the mold
2.PLC intelligent control, large-size touch screen operation.
3.Fully automatic production, high production efficiency, saving labor costs.
4.The fully automatic frequency conversion (servo) motor stroke is used to control the pouring amount, and the pouring amount is accurate.
chocolate automatic production line
Automatic chocolate making machine is used to produce multi-color decorative chocolates, three-dimensional spherical and semi- three-dimensional filling large chocolates, three-color decorative large chocolates, almond chocolates, biscuit chocolates, and crispy chocolate mixes.
Process flow of chocolate making:
        ①The temperature-adjusted chocolate material is sent to the hopper of the mold casting machine, the temperature of the material is maintained by the jacket heating device of the hopper, and the material is accurately and quantitatively injected into the lower mold plate through the piston and the ball valve;
        ②The mold plate enters the vibration zone composed of a group of vibration devices. The mold plate removes the bubbles in the material on the vibrator with adjustable frequency and amplitude, and makes the material evenly distributed in the mold plate;
        ③The die plate enters into the cooling tunnel of multi-level operation. A refrigeration unit and a blower are installed above the tunnel, and cold air circulates in the tunnel to reduce the temperature of the material. The cold air temperature can be adjusted to maintain different cooling temperatures in each section:
        ④After the chocolate solidifies and shrinks, the mold plate enters the demolding area. Before demolding, it undergoes another vibration, the mold plate is turned over, the chocolate and the mold are separated, and the chocolate is transported to the packaging system by the transmission belt.
chocolate making equipment for sale
About chocolate packaging:
Commonly used packaging materials for chocolate products are aluminum foil, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., and metal and plastic composite film materials can also be used. According to the requirements of different textures and shapes of chocolate products, different types of packaging machines can be used for packaging. The temperature of the chocolate packaging room should be controlled at 17~19℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 50%.

Technical Data

No. Name Capacity Power Weight
1 Cocoa fat melting tank 100L 9kw 700kg
2 Chocolate conche machine 2000L 37+9kw 5100kg
3 Chocolate storage tank 2000L Main motor power:3KW 1500kg
Electric heating power:6KW
4 Chocolate tempering machine 500 L 10.57kw 880kg
5 Chocolate depositing machine 200kg/h 23kw 4500kg



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