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Coated Peanuts Processing Line|Flour-coated Peanuts Machine

  • Material:peanut,beans
  • Capacity:can be customized
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Coated peanut processing line is consisted of peanut roaster, peanut coating machine, swing oven, cooling cart, and flavoring machine. We can also equip the peanut peeling machine. After roasting, the peeling machine can be used to remove the red skin easily.
Fish skin peanut, cocoa beans or Korean beans is a kind of peanut snack, surface wrapped powder and seasoning, very popular in many countries. GELGOOG offer the complete coated peanut processing line with mature technology, high degree of mechanization, and easy operation.
peanut roaster machine
> Production Process:  Roasting Peanut → Coating Peanut→ Mixing with oven →  Cooling  → Seasoning→ Finished Product.
peanut oven machine
> This series of peanuts coating equipment can be used to produce Japanese beans, fish skin peanuts, shrimp crisp beans, spicy beans and so on more than 10 kinds of products.


GELGOOG also sell single Peanut Coating Machine
Wasabi Peas Making Machine


Technical Data

Machine Model GGMHK-1
Peanut Roaster Heating Power 30kw/380v
Transmitting Power 1.1kw
Inside Drum Size Dia.67cm*1.6m
Capacity 100kg/h
Dimension 2900*1250*1650mm
Material Cover SUS201,
Food Contact Parts made by SUS201
Coating Machine Model GG-1000
  Dimension 1400*1000*1500mm
  Power 0.75KW,380V
  Weight 150kg
Swing Oven Model GGW-2
  Heating Power 36KW,380V
  Transmitting Power 1.1KW
  Material SUS 201 Cover+SUS 201 Touch Part
  Pan Size 1200*1200mm
  Capacity 80-100kg/h
  Dimension 2400x2000x1350mm
Cooling Cart Model GGC-3000
  Power 2.2KW,380V
  Capacity 60-80kg per time
  Material SUS201 
  Dimension 2200*1100*850MM
Flavoring Machine Model GG-600
  Dimension 1300*1100*1550mm
  Power 0.55KW,380V
  Weight 150kg



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