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Lumpia Making Machine Egg Roll Production Equipment

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:1000-2000pcs/h,3000-4000pcs/h,5000-7000pcs/h
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Egg roll, also called spring roll, lumpia, cigar roll, etc. This lumpia egg roll production equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is sturdy and durable and has been exported to the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc. The capacity ranges 1000-2000pcs/h, 3000-4000pcs/h and 5000-7000pcs/h (The final rolls size: Length 9cm, diameter 2.6cm, the weight 30-40grams).
Capacity will vary based on spring roll size, weight and stuff filling. The actual capacity is subject to the quotation list.
GELGOOG provide customized lumpia making solutions.
lumpia making machine price
The lumpia making machine or egg roll production equipment is mainly composed of three parts: Battering machine, Feeding machine, Pastry baking machine, Stuffing machine, Rolling machine and imitation manual spring roll folding machine.
Working Process:
First prepare the recipe and make the batter, then pour the batter into the feeding bucket. Automatically bake and cut, and import fillings regularly and quantitatively. Finally, roll the filling into the spring roll pastry, and the spring roll is formed.
Features of Lumpia egg roll machine:
1. Driving device: The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the operation is stable, which not only ensures the speed, but also ensures the good effect of spring rolls.
2. Temperature control device: This spring roll machine adopts direct touch temperature detection to ensure the accuracy of temperature and easy control.
3. Heating method: liquefied gas or electric heating is optional, the voltage of the automatic spring roll machine is three-phase electricity, 380 volts.
4. Advantages of electric heating: temperature controllable, rapid heating, high utilization rate, convenient maintenance (optional according to customer requirements).

The fully automatic egg roll making machine developed and produced by our company is a special equipment for spring roll production. It has large output and high work efficiency. It is suitable for large spring roll processing factories. It can produce egg rolls of various sizes, and can provide customized solutions according to customer needs.
automatic egg roll making machine
GELGOOG "egg roll production equipment" provides all the necessary equipment at one time, as well as a full range of production planning services. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. GELGOOG is your food company spring roll production plan and recipe consultant, also provide Lumpia Wrapper Machine

Technical Data

Model GG-CJX3000 GG-CJX5000 GG-CJX7000
Capacity 1000-2000pcs/h 3000-4000pcs/h 5000-6500pcs/h
Weight 2650kg 3000kg 3600kg
Dimension 9000*1650*1800mm 9000*1650*1800mm 9000*2100*2200mm
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8mpa 0.6-0.8mpa 0.6-0.8mpa
Reference Spring Roll Size and Weight  Length:9cm Diameter:2.6cm Weight:30-40g



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