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Samosa Patti Spring Roll Sheet Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:500-5000pcs/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Samosa patti spring roll sheet making machine can produce samosa sheet, spring roll sheet/wrappers, lumpia wrapper, egg roll skin, crepe, etc with 0.3mm-2mm thickness. According to users’ needs, GELGOOG can customize spring rolls with different sizes and yields. By using the advanced temperature control system, the temperature reach zero error, no heat waste,and the machine can achieve the purpose of saving energy and protecting environment.Except that,the production cost is lower, with simple operating system.
 samosa patti making machine for sale
Advantages of Automatic Samosa Sheet Making Machine:
1,Production of product size, thickness, crisp, moisture, softness, hardness, can be controlled.
2,Machine is full automatic, just need one worker.
3,Machine is made of stainless steel materaial, safe and easy to clean.
4,If you want make different size, we can customized the mould according to your requirement.
spring roll pastry making machine
Process of making samosa sheet: Put the prepared batter into the batter bucket, when the baking wheel is heated to 160℃; turn on the pulp pump to send the batter to the nozzle, operate the clutch lever to make the batter adhere to the arc of the bake wheel On the surface, when the roasting wheel rotates through an angle of 270-300 degrees, the batter is ripened and automatically separated from the roasting wheel to form a roll wrapper with a fixed thickness. After being cut into squares by a cutting machine, it can be folded for sale or rolled immediately.

Technical Data

Model GGSR400-8X GGSR400-8F GGSR400-8X
Diameter of baking part 800mm 800mm 800mm
Width of dough sheet 420mm (can be customized according
to customer requirements)
420mm (can be customized according
to customer requirements)
420mm (can be customized according
to customer requirements)
Input power 30KW 30KW 29KW
Heating method Electric Electric Electric
Components Dough sheet making machine, cooling conveyor,
cutting machine, alignment conveyor
Dough sheet making machine, cooling conveyor,
cutting machine
Dough sheet making machine, cooling conveyor
Dimensions 5500*1300*1500mm 4000*1300*1500mm 3500*1300*1500mm



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