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Semi Automatic Banana Chips Plant|Plantain Chips Processing Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This Plantain banana chips processing plant contains plantain chips cutting machine, plantain chips frying machine, de-oiling machine, chips flavoring machine, chips packaging machine and some conveyors. Capacities of plantain|banana chips making machine: Semi automatic type: 100kg/h, 300kg/h(input)
plantain chips processing plant

1. Plantain Chips Cutter: Newly designed and developped, it is special used to slice plantain to be slice. The thickness of finished plantain chips is adjustable. Made of stainless steel 304.
2. Plantain chips frying machine is with gas heating system. We also can make it to be electric heating system. All these machines are made of Stainless steel.
4. Chips de-oiling Machine: With bucket in side. And there are many holes on the bucket. The hole size can be customized according to your demand. 
5. Banana chips flavouring machine: Mainly for making various flavors of banana chips or plantain chips.
6. Chips packaging machine: To pack different sizes of chips, automatic bag forming sealing, etc. PLC control, adjustable speed.
plantain chips production line for sale
Tips: 4 kg of plantain without peel can get 1kg of finished plantain chips.

GELGOOG also offer Automatic Plantain Chips Making Machine
automatic plantain chips making machine

Technical Data

Item Name Power(kw) Voltage Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
Plantain Chips Cutting Machine(2sets) 0.75 380V-3/220V-3   100 650*550*900
Gas Fryer Machine 1.1 380V-3/220V-3 780 2000*2000*1700
De-oiling Machine 2.2 380V-3/220V-3 480 1200*700*900
Seasoning Machine 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 180 1200*1000*1400
Chips Packing Machine(2 sets) 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 380 1200*700*900



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