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Industrial Spring Rolls Samosa Fryer Equipment

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-500kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Industrial spring rolls frying machine is with automatic frying, stirring and discharging.The belt is made of high quality stainless steel, and the speed and frying time is adjustable. The spring roll fryer machine can be used to fry like skewers, fish, chicken, tofu, shrimp, french fries, potato chips, sweet potato cubes, peanuts and vegetables.
industrial spring roll frying machine
Advantages of Spring Roll Frying Machine:
1. The frying temperature can be adjustable according to users’ demands;
2. Oil and water separating system. Saving energy and oil can be used for long term;
3. Oil and water separating structure;the dregs will drop into water during frying process, so the color of oil won’t change dark and can keep good quality for long time; the dregs can be removed out easily.
4. Whole machine is made of SUS 304 material and the high quality, performance can be guaranteed.
spring roll fryer machine for sale

Application of Spring Roll Frying Equipment:
The spring roll frying machine is fitted with an automatic thermostat. The operator only needs to set the temperature, you can achieve automatic temperature control, temperature self-adjusting, no overheating dry phenomenon. Lower water inside the machine can automatically filter impurities in the oil, ensure that fried food is not odor each other, bright color, no carcinogens, help the health of consumers.
This industrial frying machine can process spring roll, samosa, chicken nuggets, pork skin, fish skin, pellet chips, seaweed, cat ear snacks, peanut, broad beans, green peas, french fries, banana chips, etc


GELGOOG also offer Full Set of Spring Roll Production Line

Technical Data

Model Heating Method Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(before frying)
GGLZE2000 Electric 54 2200*785*1350 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips 60kg/h
GGLZE3500 Electric 90 3700*1600*2200 French fries 330kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
GGLZE5000 Electric 144-171 5200*1600*2200 French fries 400kg/h
  Potato chips220kg/h
GGLZE6500 Electric 190 6700*1600*2200 French fries 630kg/h
Potato chips350kg/h
GGLZE8000 Electric 234-252 8200*1600*2200 French fries 850kg/h
Potato chips460kg/h
GGLZG2000 Gas 10W C 2200*800*1400 French fries 190kg/h
Potato chips60kg/h
GGLZG3500 Gas 20W C 3700*1900*2400 French fries 380kg/h
Potato chips120kg/h
GGLZG5000 Gas 30W C 5200*1900*2400 French fries 570kg/h
Potato chips180kg/h
GGLZG6500 Gas 40W C 6700*1900*2400 French fries 760kg/h
Potato chips250kg/h
GGLZG8000 Gas 50W C 8200*1900*2400 French fries 950kg/h
Potato chips300kg/h



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