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High Speed Garlic Peeling Processing Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:500-1000 KG/H
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Automatic garlic peeling machine refers to the machine that replaces manual garlic peeling. GELGOOG Machinery offers garlic peeling machine with high speed, dry peeling method, no pollution to the environment, in line with current environmental protection policies. 
garlic peeling machine for sale
Feature of garlic peeling machine:
♥ 98% high peeling rate, working stable.
♥ The garlic peeling machine can be peeled and dried completely without any harm to the environment.
♥ It will not cause any damage to the garlic because it is not squeezed by collision. Peeled garlic cloves can be stored for a long time.
♥ The special structure design makes the garlic peeling rate more than 98%. The garlic peeling machine can peel garlic with different shapes and sizes.
High speed garlic peeling machine is designed with stainless steel processing, no rust, no damage. The garlic peeling machine can be work with garlic separating machine, garlic root cutting machine, garlic packing machine, etc. The peeling rate can be 98%.
GELGOOG Machinery also offers the complete set of garlic peeling processing line
garlic peeling processing line

Technical Data

Model GGLT-5
Capacity 500-1000kg/h
Power 6.35kw
Total Power 30-70kw
Dimension 6000*1500*1700mm



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