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Cassava Garri Making Machine|Tapioca Flour Processing Plant

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-200kg/h,can be customized
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The complete cassava garri processing machine is consisted of cassava washing peeling machine, cassava crushing machine, cassava hydraulic dehydrator, cassava milling machine, Garri frying machine and garri powdering machine. As the professional garri processing machine supplier,we can provide you the different capacity garri making machine.Promise the quality and quantity.
cassava garri making machine
1. Cassava peeling and washing machine
After the cassava enters the machine, the cassava will be pushed forward by spiral conveying. The cassava will be drenched on the cassava in the forward process. The cassava will continuously rub the cassava skin under the rolling of the stick. We can get the washed and peeled cassava in the first processing.
2. Cassava crushing machine
The cassava crusher is the second step in the processing of the garri production line. After the cassava enters the machine, it will be crushed by the roller. The machine exits the cassava pulp on one side and the cassava residue on the other side.
3. Cassava hydraulic dehydrator 
The hydraulic dewatering machine is the third machine used in the processing of the garri production line. After the cassava slag enters the machine, the machine uses the hydraulic principle to extrude the moisture in the cassava after crushing, especially for small garri and cassava process. The contact part of the equipment is made of stainless steel to ensure product quality.
4. Garri frying machine
The frying machine is the fifth machine used in the processing of the garri production line. Frying machine can automatically stir fry and control the temperature of the equipment. It is mainly used for the processing of garri production lines.
Frying machine mainly consists of pan, frame, stirring part, heating part, driving part, discharge part and others. Frying machine is made of stainless steel, and the machine has the features of heating fast, even and temperature stable,  can prevent pasting phenomenon.
5. Garri powdering machine: This is the Fine powder grinding machine, it can make very fine cassava flour,The fineness of the flour is 60-120 mesh.

Technical Data

Name Model Quantity
Cassava peeling machine GG 1 Set
Cassava Grushinging Machine GGCSJ300 1 Set
Dewatering Machine GGHS-150 1 Set
Frying Machine GG-500 1 Set
Powder grinding machine GGS20B 1 Set



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